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  1. Morning, does anybody have any of these for sale? Just interested in collecting one Thanks Aaron
  2. Just found this thread. Tagging along if it’s still going. Good job getting so many, must have paid a premium. I have a few in my collection, but I think I will stick to just the run in years! Haha
  3. Β£26 shipping to UK and 4% tax for using PayPal. That was on 10 anyway
  4. Ah they’re in stock! Haha. Useless
  5. Yeah I thought I saw them in stock on BBP, but now they are out of stock. I’ll keep an eye out I guess
  6. What happened to these? Did they sell out or have they not been released yet? The page doesn’t exist on the royal mint website anymore apparently
  7. Ah few weeks later and the spots are coming through. Jinxed it
  8. Does anyone know what the import taxes are like from Hong Kong??
  9. Oh I saw 30/10. Will have a look now
  10. Good morning, does anyone have any Thalers for sale? Looking to buy another 5 to play with. No specifics. Genuine ones would be appreciated! Haha
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