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  1. Are the three brittanias still available?
  2. Hi there, Are these still available?
  3. I'd have them if i had the funds right now. I will pass just this time. Thank you for showing me though Clockpuncher, much appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I am after a 2018 1oz Britannia as per title. Many thanks.
  5. Which coins do you happen to have, as i am interested in a 1oz 2018 and also a 1oz 2019 coin. I was looking for something along the lines of what is in my original post, just to hold for as long as i need and pass on to my children when the time comes.
  6. Right, so the general idea is that on here im going to be saving some pounds. I will keep on having a look through and see if i find the years i am after. Many thanks for all the advice, it is appreciated.
  7. The coins are a 2018 Lunar Dog UK and a 2019 Royal arms UK. In reality, im just wanting to buy as much Metals (Gold & Silver) as i possibly can until they are both old enough to understand what is going on and give it to them as their start in life, buy a car so on and so on. I am in this for the long run, and personally will buy some for myself along the way too.
  8. Im looking on Bleyer at the minute and the two coins i have got in the basket are currently fetching £73.44. I want these coins just to have some silver and as a purchase for my kids, hold as long as possible in other words. Is this a good, or ok decision for what i want to do with them or would you buy something else?, If you want details of the coins i'll just add them afterwards. Many thanks.
  9. I am currently wanting to invest in Gold as a means for my children and their start in life. I currently am only just getting the gist of what is what and where to buy and not to. I will be seeking some advice from more experienced and senior investors than myself, so i have many thanks in advance to you all.
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