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  1. I think these kinds of investment are very risky at the long term. Being Dutch I still remember Hyves.nl. In 2010 Hyves had more than 10.3 million accounts. These correspond to two thirds of the size of the Dutch population. Hyves was than sold to TMG for € 43,7. Then Facebook entered the Dutch market and more and more users left Hyves and switches to Facebook. In 2013, the TMG announced to reform Hyves from a social network platform to an exclusive gaming platform and there investment was basically gone. Long story short, its to easy for a online platform to get replaces by another
  2. For sale a nice collection of Dutch coins. All coins are in a coin holder or original mint packaging. 1 guilder (6,5 grams 72% of silver) € 3,50 each 12 x 1954 8 x 1955 6 x 1956 7 x 1957 5 x 1958 7 x 1967 2,5 guilders (15 grams 72% of silver) € 8,10 each 8 x 1959 10 x 1960 7 x 1961 9 x 1962 4 x 1963 7 x 1964 10 guilders 1970 uncirculated (25 grams 72% of silver) 10 x in original mint packaging € 15,00 each 6 x in damaged mint packaging € 13,50 each 10 guilders 1973 uncirculated (25 grams 72% of silver) € 13,50 each 1
  3. Hi Everyone, I singed up a week ago or so. I'm Dutch so excuse me if my language isn't perfect. I started collecting as a child, mostly European coins that left over after a holiday. Than I started collection Euro coins, but that was not really my thing. Earlier this year I bought the Federer 20 Franc coin. This steered up my interest in precious metals. I hope to share and learn a lot on the forum. Robbin
  4. I was just wondering what can I get for my Dutch 1 guldens and 2,5 guldens if i want to sell it now without much effort. I looked up some professional buyers. Holland Gold offers spot - 5 % fix Dawson Gold offers 10 - 12% under spot Nederlandse Goudhandel is trying to steal to silver from the unknown and offers 59 - 62% under spot. So for my it didn't make any sense to sell my silver to any random guy on the internet for less then 95% of spot. Maybe someone who inherit some silver and only knows the prices of the Nederlandse Goudhandel is happy to sell at 75% of spot.
  5. 2016 : 10000 BU, 1000 proof (https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces80038.html) 2018: 5000 BU, 1000 proof (https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces133315.html)
  6. I'm Dutch and I have 162,9 grams of silver I want to sell. Contact me when interested.
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