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  1. riprattle

    2020 libertad

    Hey man thanks for taking your time to expound upon your knowledge. Do these coins sell out the same day as far as you know? I usually check the big sources every day. My fear is some whale will scoop them all up the very moment they land.
  2. riprattle

    2020 libertad

    Hopefully they'll be on sale for a day or 2 and not gone immediately
  3. riprattle

    2020 libertad

    does anyone with experience k ow if the gold libertads will be reased this year? Does anyone here know what months they have been released in previous years? Also reverse proof and proof silver libertads? Is covid holding up the mint?
  4. 3 gold maples sold @ spot price plus 25$ for insured shipping Buy one or buy all I take bitcoin, venmo, paypal Shipped from USA
  5. Thanks everyone, and good fortune too you all!
  6. HI all excited to be part of this community. I stack lots of gold and platinum and from time to time sell a bit too. I love gold and platinum britannias, love libertads But also stack buffalo and maples and bars. I'm hoping this forum blows up!!! Its far too long of paying high premiums only to get 90% back on the sale. I think we can treat each other much better and bring more value to ourselves through this community I'm always open to buying pure gold coins and platinum if you want to hit me up
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