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  1. Some people must be buying - maybe just not many of the people on here. I see plenty on different sites for sale, i can't imagine it's all sitting there unsold for months. I also see on auctions that these things get snapped up at decent prices. Maybe the buyers are just hanging out in different places I think you are right to hang onto it - if silver gets really hot in future, like > $30/ounce then I think it will be back in demand as a budget option for stackers, because all the new 999 premium stuff will start to look really pricey. Plus the older stuff might get more interest for
  2. I think the Eagle side is the easy side to sort out. The tougher question is how will they improve lady liberty if she is staying on the coin To answer your question, the 2nd coin (medal) from the private mint looks way better - they have the stars for the states and some cool design elements. I think you are right to be annoyed by the us mint's lack of effort in their new coin design. If the Eagle side is this bad then what about liberty? If you look at competing coins like the Brits, they found a way to make Britannia feminine yet powerful looking. If the US liberty walks by I
  3. £51.77/gram approx (999 / 24k) - Hong Kong: https://www.ctfeshop.com.hk/ If you avoid the branded premium stuff, you can find gold there not so far from spot price. A competior of theirs is https://www.lukfook.com Can compare stuff...
  4. I haven't got my hands on a 2021 Brit yet, but from what i've read I'm going to wait and see what happens. Firstly, will other coins start to have more fancy security features? Will premiums go up? Will the coins security features get hacked / copied? If trustworthiness of sovs is your biggest concern then sure, why not start stacking 1/4 ozers instead? 999 gold, slightly heavier weight and potentially harder to fake. Or just opt to diversify your stack by getting both types of coin
  5. REDUCED: £74.90 - *** including UK Royal Mail "signed for" 1st class postage ***
  6. Interested, but need to sell off one of my 10oz coins first Still available?
  7. bump! 2001 5 pounds proof limited mintage only 20,000. More details here - https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces82500.html
  8. I had an ear infection strike in Bali a couple years ago after i'd done way too much travel - i think i was up and down on more than 10 flights in 2 weeks, including some 17hour long flights. It was the most intense pain, as bad as the worst tooth ache easily, maybe even worse. Felt like there was a knife stuck in my ear. After some antibiotics and pain killers and catch up on lost sleep I managed to go white water rafting. Get well soon, enjoy some rest and avoid flying of course
  9. Interesting analysis, worth a 2 minute read. Some projections like this worth thinking about: "Our own analysis based on market moves in the aftermath of every US Presidential election going back to 1968 suggests that the gold price has on average risen 5.58% in the year after each election. However there is a wide disparity within the one-year figures, with a best result of 51.83% (after the 1972 election) and a worst result of -32.67% (after the 1980 election). " http://www.perthmintbullion.com/blog/blog/20-11-11/Republican_or_Democrat_does_it_matter_for_gold.aspx
  10. Bump... among these coins is one of these https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces83504.html limited to only 10,000. Features the Queen mother at the horse racing.
  11. dangelo

    Gold coin info

    Hi experts! As always - apologies for the low quality photos. And the fluff of microfibre on the queens face. I can find only very little info on this very little gold coin. 1999 Gibraltar issue. It has no face value stated - only 1 gram so would it still be a coin technically? House of Platagenet featuring Richard 1st. I guess I'd like to know which mint made it, confirmation of it being 999 gold and maybe even the mintage. I plan to list it in the for sale section but ideally with a little contextual info if you know about this coin, have one / have a
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