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  1. I just wanted to have a quick look at your site and then got stuck there for like 1 hour - you have a huuuuuge selection of coins
  2. The are the ones that look cool for us, plus some of the colourized dragon coins. There are also cute kitten ones for the kids but they look like a serious trap. Cute kittens must mean inflated premiums hahaha
  3. Sounds like a bit of a minefield for a newbie so I won't get any coloured coins just yet. The Perth mint ones (which seem to leave the factory coloured) would be of interest when I get more confidence down the line... But until I'm more sure about what I'm doing I'll chill Thanks again for the advice.
  4. Aha an expert, thanks for the advice case closed...
  5. Thanks - I'm surprised they are just "decals", I was kind of expecting them to be painted somehow. So you wouldn't recommend them as investments?
  6. Hi everyone, I have this new to my collection today - 1995 10oz Kookaburra. Looking at it, I don't know how to tell if it is a BU coin or a proof / reverse proof one? Any thoughts? If it's a reverse proof, is it worth more than the BU to a collector? D'Angelo
  7. Hi everyone, My kids have been pointing at some coloured coins for the family collection - I admit they do sometimes look nice. So far I've not bought any though because of these reservations.. Apologies if these questions have been asked before - feel free to link me to existing answers... Coloured coins questions - If you want to sell them on in future, are they going to be worth less than non-coloured bullion coins? Logic is that a coloured coin isn't as "pure" or is harder to resell? Are many coloured coins actually fakes or coloured on the "aftermarket"? I
  8. It looks like a small rock someone found in their garden to me.
  9. Hi all, Peter Francis Auctioneers LTD offering this lot with the misleading description (IMHO): I contacted them to advise the coins are fake (which took me some time digging to figure out by looking up info on real Pandas). Because a buyer could end up bidding a lot of money for this lot - it doesn't seem right to me. Especially the wording - it says they are Chinese panda coins - which as we all know are supposed to be silver or gold. It's also misleading because the last part says they are not silver - but that sounds like it applies to the cupronickel coins which are also
  10. Yawn... I like the Royal Mint ones, they have iconic Bond cars on. But they are expensive! Don't think Bond is famous on a bike other than the odd scene here or there.
  11. Hi Ian, No joy - I've just found some passed sales on here and elsewhere too but nothing about the source or any other details. I suspect they are not the actual main Polish mint. And that they are rare because of the lack of info. It's intriguing because there must be a reason a Polish producer made UK themed bars and looking at the quality, I don't think they were forged in the average hobbyists kitchen or garage... Maybe someone with answers will eventually post here Can you share some pictures of the ones you have? I've not seen the Polish buildings ones as yet... T
  12. I've used silver trader a few times and agree - 1) really really fast to process orders - he must check his inbox constantly lol 2) really well packaged 3) prices included delivery 4) nice touch with the free magnet offer although i guess you only need that once. Only thing missing is more stock and variety - I check his site often and if he had more I'd probably order more but i guess that depends on lots of other things going on and risk of holding too much stock. 10/10 from me - and I also can't post on the directory listing because I'm a new freeloading member here
  13. The outer ring or whatever it's called reminds me of the Perth Mint Kookaburra design on the 2019 and 2020's... you don't like that part or? For me it makes the coin even more shiny so it's got my thumbs up - but I didn't actually hold one yet so could be wrong.
  14. I get the plate stand things at "Wilko" in the local shop to me. They might have them online but last time I checked they didn't have the smallest size ones available, and the bigger ones are no good (way way to big). Try their site: https://www.wilko.com/ Good luck and yeah, don't just keep them in a box somewhere sad
  15. dangelo

    Free Silver Coin

    I'd avoid too good to be true deals. Remember your personal details have value and you only value your data at whatever that "free" coin is worth. If someone gives me a free kilo gold I might give up my details. Not for a little silver.. no deal.
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