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  1. They stacked silver heavily during the "opium wars", which annoyed the British Empire and resulted in gun boat diplomacy and the taking / founding of British Hong Kong. This didn't happen long ago and revenge is still in progress, the Chinese / CCP export billions of dollars of hard chemical drugs (amphetamines, spice, bath salts, meth for example) out of factories in Southern China to the world and take hard currency in return. It's a similar story with many export items that do nothing other than harm the countries who import (endless plastic c**p & face masks for example). The Chinese "belt and road" is an empire inspired corruption initiative to gain control and influence and natural resources - they get hard currency and shares in over priced projects in many countries in East Asia and Africa. The Chinese stack precious metals, but also snatch up commodities / natural resources including mines. When it comes to individual stacking it's likely to be mostly China Mint stuff, but I'm sure they have a lot of old bullion and numismatics that they have stacked over centuries. Aside from PM's and commodities it's worrying that they are snatching up food supply and water supply sources and logistics channels (sea and land). Just like Bill Gates is the largest land owner in the USA and has bought the power to control and influence food supply, the Chinese are getting into a similar position. If you control the worlds food supplies you have the power over life and death and unlimited wealth. So yeah, the Chinese are stacking rice essentially too. Did I mention Pandas?
  2. Ermmm... which UK dealers have 2022 gold tigers in various sizes? Or will have them?
  3. Nice share... ~Gold & platinum tigers look good, silver is too "Disney cartoon". I wonder what over Tigers are coming for CNY 2022 in silver
  4. notice the dots in the crown, the definition and spacing amd the background of that area. 20210829_205516.mp4 Slightly better view 20210829_205527.mp4
  5. Compare... this crown on this real bar looks different and better quality than both your specimens? Ill try upload a video in a while..
  6. Pass.. not tempted. Don't want the risk of them turning out covered in milkspots after a few months. I heard the robin hoods have issues and about 60% of my 2020 brits are spotted now with no explanation. I didn't have issues with 2021s yet but I'm now avoiding RM silver products until the issues seem to have calmed down. I'm a pessamist.
  7. Some other 1oz bars to compare...
  8. Hi @paulmerton, I recently got a couple of these for the first time. You have to be very careful because these are very very frequently faked. I probably won't buy anymore. I did all the tests too and mine turn out legit. It's easier when you compare to other 1oz bars - the size is fairly standard so you will notice if the size or thickness is out.. so if weight and dimensions match and teh magnet tests (including sliding the magnet) are a pass then it should be good. I also found this page and it raised my confience. https://www.fakebullion.com/index.php/component/k2/item/23-scottsdale-silver-1-ounce-lion-bar The key think for me is the fakes have a mirror finish on the reverse behind the S patterns but the originals actually look worse in a more matte finish (lol). Anyway looking at your bar - it's in terrible condition so even if it's real (which it might be) I'd send it back to the seller anyway. I don't think you want one of these without the premium niceness... if it's just scrap bullion then maybe fine. One last note on packaging - because mine were still in the ori plastic that aslo boosted my confidence they are real, because I compared the plastic to pictures online and they matched the genuine packaging and didn't match the plastic some fakes come in.
  9. I bet they don't have that stock - they just lie to look good and attract people to their sites... then when people order, they come up with excuses for not delivering. trust rating for that company is 0 or negative from 0.
  10. I'd avoid these too tbh, I agree with the other posts above. In addition I avoid made up commermoratives, like for what would have been Diana's 60th birthday - if you think about it they just make up anything and there are unlimited excuses they can come up with for issuing "limited" coins. I also see most of these are base metal with no real value, but selling at prices as if they were precious metals. I see boxes and boxes full of these for sale for 20 to 30 quid on the secondary market, but I bet these were sold for hundreds and thousands when new. Having said that, if there are designs anyone likes then maybe the best thing to do is pick them up super cheap by the box load on the secondary market and never buy new. Not an investment - just maybe something that appeals to you Sustainably sourced & dolphin friendly tuna still contains dolphin meat... an analogy for fair mined gold perhaps...
  11. And the other mark is the makers mark I think and I can't easily find that one, maybe someone with a book or database of makers marks from the 1820's could find the maker.
  12. Hi mate it seems to be British - assayed in London in 1820. It's not clear but the lower case e looks correct for 1820 and the image in the mark seems to be for London...
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