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  1. Got my free beer mats today with a Half Sovereign thrown in 😂🤣😂 from The Britaania Coin Company today, from ordering to receiving less tha 24 hours. I can only say wow superb service and I'm very happy with my first Sovereign purchased.
  2. Just had a look on fleabay, these coins are selling at buy now for £200 to £295 each. A bit mad if you ask me but I think they will go, still holding on to mine though.
  3. Just seen your comment as been very busy working away, until I check if mine has the shield or not I'm still going to hang on to it.
  4. After reading all the comments today as I've been busy with work I'm still of a mind to keep my quarter sov, I'll have to check whether mine has the shield or not, when I finish working away.
  5. I've got one not sure if I'll let it go at the moment, as first piece of gold I've purchased.
  6. I've just started collecting/stacking, I understand where you are coming from. Personally I will only be buying Brits or small bars as I have no interest in proofs or special coins in silver. As for gold looking to only buy fractionals, sovs, halfs and 1/10ths.
  7. Thanks Robjw, for the advice and the link will keep the advice in mind.
  8. Just looking at buying some 1oz Britannias and on the Royal Mint website they also had some 1oz Valiants, which I think look slightly better but at a premium of about 80pence over the Britannias. My question, is there any advantages to paying the premium for the Valiants or just carry on picking up the Britannias, I've just started stacking on a limited budget so trying to hit 25 - 30oz by the end of the year before I try to get some sovereigns next year. I'm not looking for a quick turn over I'm in for the long run.
  9. Hi all I'm new to buying gold and silver and found the forum after watching a BackyardBullion YouTube video.
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