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  1. QUEEN ELIZABETH II · 1997 · FALKLAND ISLANDS · 2 POUNDS · 1/25 toz, 1.2428g of .999 Gold commemorating King Henry VIII https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces78391.html Comes with Airtite Capsule, as shown. Bought from a trusted member on the forum. £70 + postage at buyers own risk (SD is recommended)
  2. The two you have mentioned are the only ones I have come across so far.
  3. I've been thinking of visiting this as I'm only 45 minutes away. Thanks for the write up. I may go next month
  4. There was also an auction on 'The Coinery' website. Too many auctions, not enough money 🤣
  5. Some serious bidding on the half sovs this month. Way over my budget pretty quick
  6. Got my eye on a couple of lots. Mrs will probably kill me if I bid tho. I over spent on the coins of the realm auction last week 🤣
  7. Finally picked up some SS Gairsoppa Silver, been after some for a while now. Thanks @morezone. Also a really nice Half Sov from this months @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions. Still has some nice lustre.
  8. I have a mixture purely for diversity so that if in the future when it's time to sell on, the market may prefer one over the other. I agree with the point above tho, there seems to be more NGC than PGCS for sale at the UK auctions.
  9. @Leonmarsh very nice. I won the graded 1887 half in yesterday's Coins Of The Realm auction
  10. Quoted wrong post 😂. Was meant o quote @Scaffstacker. Its been a long day
  11. Its got a lot more detail than I though it would for something that's been around for 1800 years. Definitely some history to it. If only it could talk
  12. Something a bit different for me. Diversifying my stack with this beauty from the recent @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions
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