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  1. Nice lot of South American silver from @DuncanWylieWilson. Lovely coins as usual.
  2. That price is only for first 100 coins, I believe. Then goes up to £999
  3. My purchase from the Jan7th Coin Cabinet auction. I have all the kids birth year proofs now, so time to start concentrating on Victoria halfs and pre33 gold
  4. First few purchases of USA constitutional and European circulated silver. All courtesy of @DuncanWylieWilson
  5. Thanks @AndrewSL76 the pictures don't do justice. Struggling with daylight today. I'm glad you didn't bid anymore on the raw coin 😂.
  6. My purchases from the Dec 27th @TheCoinCabinet auction arrived this morning. 2 1856 $1 pieces. Same coin, one raw and 1 graded. I really like old American gold coins.
  7. Vintage Engelhard Bar with some nice toning, courtesy of @DavidDoherty
  8. Happy New Year all. I'm considering bidding on a coin at Heritage Auction and I'm based in the UK. What fees would I pay extra to the postage cost and the buyers premium, when the coin reaches the UK. Thanks in advance for any information given Thanks Arbkev
  9. @AndrewSL76 to be fair I never gave it a second thought as I wasn't stacking silver at the time of the vote. Looking back now I still don't think I would have voted differently, although I don't think anybody could have predicted the debacle that was the brexit negotiations
  10. That's VAT. Capital gains tax is applied to profit made when you sell on at a later date
  11. I think its mainly to do with legal tender coins being free of Capital Gains Tax (for now at least)
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