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  1. Does anyone know of any UK based sellers that have these in stock?
  2. Jinks

    Star Wars

    Thanks guys, makes sense now why I couldn’t figure it out, they have lots of different series. Looks like I have all of the bullion set though. Some of the others look really nice
  3. Jinks

    Star Wars

    Today I’ve seen a new Star Wars coin (2020 Darth Vader), it says it’s the 7th in the series. Does anyone know what the design and year of the previous 6 in the series are? I had a look on the internet but couldn’t find any info on the series. I have 3 Darth Vader coins from the previous 3 years, a Storm Trooper and Clone Trooper which I think are in the series. I also have a Boba Fett and Mandalorian from this year but I’m not sure they are part of the series or not.
  4. Hi, I have a 1980 and 1981, selling one or the other. Looking for £375 plus postage.
  5. Hi, I'm James. I started collecting coins when my sister sold me a sovereign a couple of years ago for £150, I had a look online at how much it was worth and got caught up by the look of coins. I'm basically a collector of coins for fun, rather than for financial reasons (although the fact that they will be worth something if and when I decide to sell, well, that's a bonus!) This means I love coin sets, I started with the Queen's Beasts and Lunar series and now can't resist a new series that comes out, anything relating to films or music is a big draw for me as well. Hope to se
  6. I’m hoping they do release them, will leave an annoying hole in my collection 😂
  7. Yep, got an email from Royal Mint earlier and had a look, personal preference but I don’t like coloured coins, was a bit sad as I would have bought it if it wasn’t coloured. Having said that, I’d consider getting the Cupro-Nickel one just for a keep sake.
  8. I buy one of each year of many of the annual coins, but that’s more because I like collecting that way than expecting to get more money when/if I sell. I just like collecting, being worth something is a bonus
  9. I ordered my set and only the box turned up...hoping the rest follows tomorrow 🤦‍♂️
  10. Not really fussed about the security measures side of it, but I think the changes look great
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