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  1. So I won a auction for some foreign coins and this one was in a box. I dont really think its a coin , It maybe a tag for 15% off pizza or or a Gyro , not sure but I cant stop wondering what it is . Any help would be greatly appreciated I can not read the first letter of the stamp ( which is probably Important 🤨) Thanks ahead of time Maskman
  2. Congrats @Fadeingstar and @The1GramMan ! and Thank you @5huggy and @ChrisSilver for running the whole thing !
  3. I will guess 940 mints daft 1130.97 mints by guessing the volume of the jar😁 v= 3.14*^2*ht ---- Google
  4. Thank You , I couldn't remember . It seems , no one ever mentions her,lol Auction ON ,lol I need a Zues coin .... someday
  5. There was a Lady Chinese pirate that put all the others to shame . She had like a 1000 ships . I wish I could remember her name ???
  6. woo hoo , silver member ,lol
  7. thank you and good morning
  8. Thank You , Glad to be here
  9. I am planning on signing up on the silver package when i get my wallet from the car , lol.
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