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  1. Hello and welcome you came to the right place. There's so many clued up guys on here. As @Aiden2343 said this is not a huge premium as far as I can see so I would leave it, too. Because it's a simple bullion coin you are unlikely to get more than spot for it anyway when you sell. I've also seen a lot of these coins with milk spots round the edges so if I'm right they seem to be fated to end up ugly anyway :). My first batch of Britannias were messed up, too. I like to think it's a bonus to start ugly. This way you don't get the heartbreak later on if they take a turn on you. Just
  2. I've been buying some Brits from eldoradocoins.de lately. they seem to be the best price I can find and shipping for me was only £9. I have seen that goldsilver are cheap but I've also seen that they called a customer a kloot. There are more than enough horror stories around these parts pertaining to them and their service. I suggest anyone who doesn't know of them do a quick search on here. One place that I won't be taking a chance with. I have this place to thank for a lot of decisions I've made with PMs and this is one I'm very grateful for.
  3. Thanks for the update. I'm interested to see what they give you in writing and whether they commit to that explanation because that just doesn't make sense. Considering the regular ones they were selling had the shield on the website picture. It seems that at least one of the illusive 'proof' 3 piece sets came with the regular 1/4 coin, too. I have also yet to see a regular 3 piece set. Something smells odd. Add to that the whopping 101% premium and I don't think I'm buying it. I sense that they're trying to buy these back because some of the people who got the 3 piece sets have noticed t
  4. I don't know what mint they're from but I can tell you the ones I have are pretty shoddy. At least two are tarnished so far and around half have imperfections from the press so they're not the prettiest. I don't mind because of what I paid for them but the price they're at now I'd be pissed. Also, they don't come in capsules. Only a velvet bag so they aren't exactly secured.
  5. I got an email letting me know if that's what you mean. I might be wrong here but it looks like they're trying to buy back the unshielded coins as that's what's on the buy back picture. Seems odd that they would use a different picture. Either way they were selling 1 type of coin and sending out 2 lol. Strange stuff :). I wonder what this means for the true mintage.
  6. Mine says 3999. It's odd because it appears that the shieldless version also has been put into the set in at least one instance. With the paperwork too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-2020-DUNKIRK-80TH-ANNIVERSARY-GOLD-QUARTER-HALF-AND-FULL-SOVEREIGN-SET/143690743916?hash=item2174a2c06c:g:kTIAAOSwiSBfP8dX
  7. Sorry for the double post. Also, if it's a mistake it's a large one. Even my paperwork has no shield. Did yours? And I wanted to take a minute to say how wild the outer packaging is for these guys. It screams 'steal me, I'm gold'.
  8. Let's say that your coin is actually the 1 of 1. If that were the case then does that mean yours is the rare coin despite it being intended to have the shield? Or does that still mean that the 3998 unshielded coins are rare? Or both? I hope noone on here has got rid of theirs yet. This could make for an exciting investigation.
  9. Oh my that's so Interesting! I figured maybe they were all like mine. I guess we've got some rare shinies out there. Now I guess I will likely not be calling them on Monday. Does this also mean that the mintage of your coin is technically lower, too? Sorry for the rookie questions :). I came to PMs for bullion mostly. Now look what I've got myself into.
  10. I'm in no way experienced with any kind of selling standards etc for coins but is this something that could be considered odd? Or even bad? Or maybe even good? Maybe it's just common to sell a coin and have the images not quite match but if it's not then this may explain the huge premium. Anyone have any knowledge on this? I'm likely to call them on Monday anyway but it's just something I noticed.
  11. Today for a gift I got these shiny little loaves that need no introduction. So beautiful in person and heavier than anything that size has the right to be. Works of true art. ❤️
  12. I was wondering this too. It will be the first set I ever completed. And probably the last Thanks for asking this and thanks for the answer. I love these piratey coins. I just want an eyepatch and a tricorne.
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