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  1. Go on then I will have the 1787 now that Christmas is over !
  2. Left hand coin eight reales Mexico 1715 fleet Right hand coin eight reales Potosi 1653
  3. I guess you got one of dukesilvers coins . If not I have a young head you can have !
  4. Daniel sedwick coins are the people. Based in florida where they have regular auctions and where many of the cob coins have been found. 1715 fleet about 10 boats sunk on the florida keys with 10000000 pieces of eight . I have bought a couple from them . 1653 for $500 and 1715 for $300 and a book they have produced. They really are the experts! Can put up pics tomorrow if you are interested ?
  5. Could I have the dark toned one bottom left please
  6. Ancient Indian Maurian empire karshapana ( cash ) around 300 bc cost me about a fiver each And two shatamana or bent bar coins around 11g and 600 bc also some of the first coins ever produced! Cost me about £ 140 each !
  7. Alexander the great tetradrachm ( 4 drachm ) around 300 bc . My first coin cost me £70 ! Lydia ( Anatolia turkey ) electrum ( a natural mix of gold and silver ) trite or 3rd stater 600 bc reportedly the first type of coin ever produced ! Cost me £1000
  8. Saxon penny or sceat from around 700 ad cost me £150 Durotriges silver stater 50 bc cost me £280 Bellovaci northern gaul gold stater 120 bc . The first type of coin to be used in Britain! Cost me £2500
  9. Elizabeth 1st milled threepence cost £180 1370 ish king Edward 3rd London penny cost me £16
  10. 1642 Charles 1 st half crown tower mint I got for £150 Commonwealth shilling 1653 I got for £ 300
  11. Two pieces of eight Left is Mexican from the sunk 1715 fleet I got for $300 Right is 1653 from Potosi in now Bolivia I got for $500
  12. On the reverse it says CIVI TAS LON DON around the long cross which could help when cutting into farthings.
  13. Guess the 1900 has gone ? Do you have any other Mariannes ?
  14. Should be able to buy the 1814 napoleon tomorrow . I like the wear on them . A proper piece of history! Even if it does look like he had a bad case of smallpox ! Cheers mate good luck with the others . I am broke now until the great reset !
  15. Can you send me pics of the napoleons please hopefully I can afford one next week ! Thanks
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