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  1. I am selling my QB collection to help pay for more gold. I prefer to send Royal Mail Special Delivery, but if buyer prefers a cheaper postage option, then buyer assumes delivery risk (see topic discussing delivery risk below). UK only please. Payment by bank transfer in GBP only. Shipped within 24h of payment. 2018 2oz Unicorn of Scotland, £70 + postage SOLD 2018 2oz Black Bull of Clarence, £70 + postage SOLD 2019 2oz Falcon of Plantagenets, £70 + postage SOLD 2020 2oz White Horse of Hanover, £60 + postage SOLD 2021 2oz White Greyhound of Richmond, £60 + postage SO
  2. Shipment arrived. Nearly 3 weeks compared to the usual 2 or 3 days. But at least it tuned up and there was no extra import VAT :-)
  3. Yes, a photo would be great, thank you
  4. 9:22 mins in to this video shows an xray machine. Take your gold to a coin shop and ask them to pop it on the XRF analyser
  5. I've bought from coininvest several times in 2020 with super efficient shipping by UPS (usually two days max and and zero issues). However, my last purchase is being held somewhere in the system due to Brexit with UPS saying "The package is delayed due to a BREXIT related disruption. We are adjusting delivery plans as quickly as possible." The parcel was dispatched from Germany on 12 Jan, so now approaching two weeks.!! I thought we had left the EU with a deal?!?!?! Anyone else having EU issues in 2021?
  6. Hopefully one of these will still be available on pay day :-) :-)
  7. Listening to Bowie while browsing coins.....ah fab :-)
  8. Nice but almost twice spot. I’m a newbie so not sure it’s good for me. Will have a think.
  9. Hello Has No.22 of the 2020 mintage been allocated to anyone? Regards Stewart
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