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  1. And I bet you spent them all on booze...
  2. I envy the fish swimming in those waters...
  3. Had the same disappointment with the first sovereign I ordered, it came in a bigger package with 20 silver 1 oz coins (which are pleasantly big in hand, no disappointment there). After I opened the box and counted all silver coins, I was still looking around for the main attraction and couldn't find it, it was so small and it got stuck in a corner of the box... It looks nice and big with a loupe though .
  4. The first gold bullion piece I ever bought was a 20g Valcambi bar. I still have it, original packaging. Haven't sold it but it will probably be the first one to go when the time is right, it's not special as a coin is for example.
  5. Started stacking this year in April and now that I passed the 1oz Gold threshold, I figured it's a good time to document what I managed to accumulate so far. I also wanted to get to 100oz Silver but I'm a bit short of it for the moment (88oz so far).
  6. Now I know who's my real competition, we're pretty much equals (in terms of gold possessions at least 😛).
  7. Hello everybody, I joined the forum ~3 weeks ago but shame on me, forgot to introduce myself :). I'm pretty late to the party, started stacking this year in April but I guess better late than never. I came across this forum and found really interesting topics and advises so I try to catch up with the news every day and not miss any interesting posts/comments. So, nice to meet you all and really happy to be part of this community. Claudiu (currently) from Spain.
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