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  1. Hello All! I have a 1987 CHINA 1 oz GOLD NEW ORLEANS up for grabs. PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO. Ideally would like to exchange for bitcoin, Ethereum, or another crypto. I'm seeing these on ebay right now for $2875, asking $2800 and am open to offers. Paypal, venmo, open to other forms of payment. Open to local meetup in San Diego. Feel free to reach out with any questions!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and am interested in exchanging some of my silver and/or gold for cryptocurrencies. Mostly interested in BTC or Ethereum, but also open to other tokens. Asking 1-5% over spot, about 25.5/oz for silver and 2000/oz for gold. For silver I have 1 oz buffalo rounds, 10 oz bars(APMEX and a couple other mints), a variety of 100 oz bars. For gold coins i have 1 oz Krugerrands,a Grant Wood commemorative arts medal, a kangaroo, and $50 Liberty coins. Also just noticed one of my coins is actually graded, a 1987 china panda issue. Maybe i'll post that one in t
  3. I've got a question about shipping and am not sure where in the forums would be best to post. I see this section is for introductions, but i don't see another section on the forums for general discussion and questions. I'm unsure what shipping methods most people prefer, if there are certain ones that are commonly offered for trading here. Like, priority mailing, added insurance, requiring signature? Or if it's across the board depending on what each buyer and seller prefers and what the value of the trade is. I'm thinking i'll start with offering some 1 oz silver rounds to build u
  4. Hey Everyone! I made this account a few months ago and can't remember if i ever made an intro post, if so i can't seem to find it. I'm a relatively new bullion investor, i started around february/march stacking some gold and more silver. I think i'm around 160x more silver than gold, seemed like the metal with more upside. I wasn't feeling very safe about keeping the savings i had built up in dollars, so i slowly stacked a variety of silver and gold from my local loan/coin shop as a way to preserve my wealth and hopefully even make an increase in my buying power. Once i got as much silver
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