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  1. They rely on ignorant fools to hold physical, waiting for their silver to hit these fairytale prices, while they buy on the dips and sell on the peaks and bank the profits.
  2. I think the one universal truth with silver stacking is nobody has a clue what the price is going to do. Im holding a stack now 10 years, hoping that 3 figure silver or close would have happened before now. The secret to this silver stacking is buy on the dips sell on the peaks and bank the profits. Holding physical silver long term is a mugs game, with the benefit of hindsight of course. You're money is not depreciating, there is no shortage of silver or ever gona be, the looming recession is not gona be a fraction as bad as its made out to be. Get in, make your money a
  3. But yet you had no reservations advising me to do it.
  4. I appreciate the sentiment but I am not that wreckless or foolish
  5. Pretty much the same with me. If I had more time to apply myself to it, it could be much more lucrative. Albeit, I'm gubbed by some of the big bookies now but still lots of money to be made.
  6. How does the selling transactions work on here. Is it bank transfer into your account before you ship to the buyer? I'm really new to this, any info on the transaction process of selling on here would be welcome.
  7. I don't have a local silver /gold guy. A pawn broker in Belfast offered me £9 per coin. When I said thats well under half of spot price, he said, well I have to make double my money.
  8. Unfortunately £25 is the min I would want if I decide/have to liquidate my position. Its something that all investors really should plan for, how to get out of physical fast if ever needed. I will do my best to hold for the foreseeable future and hope that I could sell quickly at £25 an oz over the coming months. Etfs make a lot of sense as you can cash out at the click of a button, for that reason alone its work the outlay imho. Regarding fiat money devaluing over the coming year or so with this massive recession that's looming on the horizon, well to be honest I have heard that over 10
  9. Yes very true. But what I was lead to believe in at the time and where I am now value wise is way off the mark. So much for silver going short in supply, 3 figures etc. Pure baloney.
  10. I know much better than any savings account for sure. But how do I sell?
  11. Not sure about spot but I paid £13.16 for 125 ozs in July 2010 then in December 2010 I bought a further 50 at £19. It was quite an increase in a few months. Back then I didn't research well enough to appreciate how volatile silver prices could be. I thought look how much this is rising and was tempted to buy more and more. Then it dropped off a cliff. Saying that it still was a better investment than having it in a savings account I guess. Although if it was in an account I wouldn't have the anguish of trying to sell it. The above prices are not including vat and delivery fees.
  12. He was talking about 3 figure prices and justified this by the shortage of silver needed for the tech industry, as silver was the best conductor in micro electronics. Him and Robert Kiaoski or whatever his name is, was pushing silver massively. I bought into it as I was a fan on the rich dad poor dad books. Its still the same narrative now. Silver supply is going short, it's gona hit 3 figures, you're barman and postman is going to be boasting about how much they own blah blah blah.
  13. Yes it may come to that. Thanks. I bought these and kinda just forgot about them until about a year ago. I remember at the time I was greatly influenced by a michael baloney book. That was 10 years ago and he hasn't come close to what he predicted back then. I had a figure in my head that I would be happy with but unfortunately I might have to cash in before/if ever that that figure arrives.
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