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  1. Silver is going into free fall. It looks like I made a foolish investment. Here's me still waiting after all these years for the economy to collapse, fiat currency to implode and hyper inflation to rage across the nation. And what are the chances of that ever happening? Zero! OK, I get it now. I bought into the hype. I followed the savvy silver crowd thinking I was smarter than the average investor by thinking I made a once in a life time invest before all doom. That I will be able to wipe my mortgage out when silver hits 3 figures I was sucked in and s h i t out by the great silve
  2. The only thing consistent about silver is its consistently volatile. Ah,but wait till it goes to 3 figures an ounze, eh???
  3. The one universal truth in this game, especially with silver is, nobody knows what the hell the price is gonna do. Its kinda like gambling in a way.
  4. Great input Paul. I love these sort of threads. When I watch YouTube videos are read blogs about making a second income I always feel as if I'm close to figuring something out that I could do along with my day job. Its hasn't happened yet. Have you any Ideas for the 3 ddds?
  5. I sure we'll see plenty more of these spikes to come over the next 2 months. Then on to the stratosphere. £100 oz before Christmas 2021.
  6. I'm not sure why this is, if you are paying them from a retail bank account that would stipulate a private sale so no laws would be broken from the business/private side of things.
  7. When the vat does kick in you can still get silver from the EU vat free. You collect your consignment from the courier hub or post office in ROI. Dundalk Town (ROI) just 10 miles over the border from Newry Town (UK) is a great example of this.
  8. Guys all sold now tonight. All packages will be sent to the buyers tomorrow as already pm'd. I'm sure they will be a good return on their investment here. Cheers, E. tment
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