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  1. That's a good arrangement. I live close to the border, not far from Newry. Do you have a friend who you can ship to in ROI?
  2. Guys what does ungraded mean, as in the buy sell section on here? I have silver 1oz coins to sell which are brand new and came straight from coininvest. Would these be graded as opposed to ungraded, when I'm listing on here to sell.
  3. I see what you mean. That's quite an increase. When the spot prices increases in the future im hoping to sell some of my stack (175 Maple leafs) for around that price. Then when it takes a dip buy more.
  4. Yeah the premiums do add up. With the 25% added on these what price does that leave a coin?
  5. Relax this is just a dip before it gains momentum to reach the stratosphere. We will see some major increases towards the end of January. Hold on to your hats boys, sit back and enjoy the ride.
  6. Guys what would be a fair price be for brand new 1oz maple leafs 2010? I'm looking to sell a small bit of my stack.
  7. That's a shame. I must list some of my stack. £25 per brand new 1oz coin looks cheap now.
  8. Canadian Maple Leafs 2010 and 2011. Condition is immaculate brand new. Still in the plastic tubes they came in when first purchased. Thanks.
  9. Yes I check it regularly but I would like to liquidate around 15% of my stack (175 x 1oz) in as few transactions as possible.
  10. Guys can someone point me to the sellers forum on here? I'm curious to see what's the going price for a 1oz silver coin. Tia.
  11. With the decline in the economy and the looming housing market collapse brought on by the above and the end of furlough, silver will see major major increases shortly.
  12. Guys sit back and strap yourselves in. Silver is on its way to the stratosphere in the coming weeks. Enjoy the ride.
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