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  1. My 2oz silver has been despatched and moved to closed. If you order total in closed position showing correct price that's mean you will get the coin. I had call today from my account manager(yes I send her email how disappointed I'm about not getting my 2oz gold proof) she explained to me how they sort out orders when s*** happend.Basically if they oversold any coin they'll manually check orders numbers so its first come first served basis . They working on solution to avoid this issue in future.
  2. I totally agree with you on this one it's just shame on company to be that greedy . Imagine Royal Mint selling this coins at this prices.
  3. Royal mint website https://www.royalmint.com/mintmarque/consumer/
  4. Can't blame her I placed order when this become available at 15:30 for brief moment.This was too good to be true.
  5. Entry level start at 3K
  6. Honestly don't know its look like this on most of my orders. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Here is how it's look like when your order has been cancelled
  8. If your order has been cancelled it will move from open to closed orders and the price will show 0 I didn't got any email but when noticed I contacted my account manager and she confirmed this has been cancelled.
  9. If you see order closed and price 0 your order most likely has been cancelled did you order 2 coins?? BTW I emailed my account manager and she confirmed the order has been cancelled but was unable to explain why she wasn't sure it is due to 1 Coin per household or due to over sold
  10. Britannia coin company now offering 1kg Royal Mint Three Graces for 175k😱 as far I'm aware it's been offered today for 75k by Royal Mint
  11. My apologies, with this excitement I forgotten my Mr. Happy coin is still to be despatched after checking orders numbers it's indeed Mr not that Happy
  12. Gold one, silver 2oz has been despatched.
  13. Well that didn't last long order canceled 😭
  14. I got confirmation but won't belive until despatch notification 😁
  15. Gold 2oz back in stock quick guys
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