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  1. Well it does make me feel a little better seeing the pattern between the slightly misshapen side rails of your box and how the corner of mine had gotten pulled out a bit . It feels like its a little easier to conclude that it just sustained some abuse in transit.
  2. I haven't opened it. I was going to send it right out for grading and I was advised to send it in unopened if possible and let the grading co open it. I was a little concerned at first that it might have been tampered with...but upon inspection I don't believe it was. There's no heavy creasing. I think it just hung up and snagged on or under something
  3. I just received mine today...and yes, mine is taped like this too. This is my first order from the mint, so I wouldn't know if it was unusual.
  4. #26 I didn't have a preference...but ok then...how 'bout #26 LOLOL 😁👍 Thanks!!
  5. 🏆🎉🎈Congratulations to you! That's Great!👏👍
  6. I'd like to reserve two if I may. I'm not concerned with a series#. However, consecutive #'s would be nice if possible. Thanks so much
  7. Thank you All for the Welcome🙏😀👋
  8. ...a new journey. I first learned of the forum through BYB Channel (& The Rambling Society LOL), at least that's when I suppose I took note. Since then I've heard it mentioned by a few other content creators. Hopefully this place will become a helpful tool in a new pursuit. Thanks👋😀
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