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  1. Sorry @Connor and @TheShinyStuff - I hereby do solemnly swear not to buy any more shiny from anywhere for the next week (or few days, whichever comes first) 😆🤐
  2. You two are gonna hate me - I didn't know they only had one of them!!!!!!! 🙃
  3. 😬Sorry matey - it must have been close. It was as you said, just couldn't resist £50!
  4. Not sure if this is the same as last Friday's but they seem to have quite a nice selection of reasonably priced, VAT free, 2nd hand silver at the moment. Not very useful if you're looking for bulk, but OK if you fancy an older lunar or Canadian beastie. Just picked up a 2017 QB 2oz Griffin for £49 - free delivery as well!
  5. Yep, mine as well - they do seem to be having trouble getting stuff 'out the door'!
  6. I had a very close look at them with a 10x loupe and thought they were fantastic 😊
  7. I certainly wouldn't put that past them! Seems extra daft though (as far as I'm aware) they didn't issue a regular sized £2 coin, just this Piedfort. I can't make sense of it - perhaps someone can hazard a guess here? As for the packaging, I actually prefer the 'cleaner' look of the RM packaging but it is also blue (just a far deeper navy) - I was expecting black given the RM promo photos.
  8. I agree, I didn't (and wouldn't) buy the single UK £2 coin on the RM website (the bimetallic, 24 gram piedfort one) but I did get the UK set - 5,000 were issued in the UK and 9,200 in the US (with slightly different packaging). The UK £2 coin in this set is 999 and 1 ozt (and not sold individually). Dumb as hell issuing the same design and denomination on two separate weights and purities! No danger of any confusions arising out of that 🤪 The set still however made a dent in the cost ratio - just half as big
  9. Having managed to get my order confirmed for the US version of this set, I shut my eyes, pretended 'cost per ounce' was just a scary story told to frighten children and bought the UK version as well Have to say though, I really love it - not that many non Britannia/Lunar £2 one ounce coins out there.
  10. That's very true. I bought the US version but when I had an eBay bid fall through a couple of days ago I decided 'what the hell' and broke all my own rules and bought the UK as well! I still have a lot of mental gymnastics to do to square off the purchase price in my own head, but it arrived this morning and I have to say I love it - a real beaut and once silver reaches £100 per ounce () I know I'll be happy that I own both sets of packaging!!! I'll put up some pics a little later over on the 'today I received' for anyone who's interested.
  11. None at all (at 2.00pm this afternoon) - quiet as a mouse, quick check-out, immediate email acknowledgement and 30 minutes for full confirmation. That's why I was surprised they've all gone.
  12. Wow - as @Witcher just pointed out over here: the silver sets are now gone! I am very surprised and just a bit pleased I got my order in! Still available at the RM for £195 - did you get one @kena?
  13. Yea - I bought the US version earlier. $170 including delivery and I suspect a 5% import VAT later. Add to this the credit card 'foreign currency transaction' and should come out to approximately £150-£160 (so still much cheaper than the RM!).
  14. Guessed as much - $150 in the States and £195 from the RM. Think I'll give it a pass (from the RM at least!). https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/mayflower/400th-anniversary-of-the-mayflower-voyage-silver-proof-coin-and-medal-set/ Only difference I can see is the slightly different packaging (colour and design) - US Mint or RM.
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