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  1. looking to sell my silver collection to fund a new car here we have 1x 100g bars £75 2x 50g bars £45 each 2x silver sovs £9 each 10x Maria Theresa thaler coins £19 each all prices plus post bank transfer or PayPal friends and family
  2. would you be interested in a trade for a 2021 half sov?
  3. 2021 gold half sovereign cheap £150 posted bank transfer or PayPal
  4. 2021 half sovereign £150+ posted Bank transfer or PayPal f&f
  5. can you do 150 shipped?
  6. Hi guys completely new to bullion and bought my first 1oz Britannia today after watching about 100 YouTube videos. I am looking forward to continuing my collection looking forward to chatting and meeting some of you guys
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