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  1. Hi all, I am new here on the forum. I live in the Netherlands and deal in scrap silver. However, finding a good dealer to buy it from me here in the Netherlands, is difficult. Previously, I have sold my scrap silver in London and combined it with a holiday. The buyer I sold it to has a counter in a jewellery arcade in Hatton Garden. Before travelling to the UK, I made a deal with a dealer which I previously sold gold to. He promised me that I would get 90% of spot for my scrap silver of various grades (between 800 and 950). When I arrived in Hatton Garden, the guy who would buy it from me turned out to be unfair and offered me 80% when he saw me carrying a case of 25 kilograms (just over 800 ounces) of silver cutlery around. After becoming irritated, the guy sent me to another counter in the same jewellery arcade and got the 90% of spot I wanted over there. However, next time when I go there, I would like to have a "back up" buyer, in case that they try to treat me unfair again. Do you have any experience with selling silver at Gerrards, also in Hatton Garden? Are there any other buyers in London (or the rest of the UK) who give 90% of spot or more for silver? Any recommendations on continental European scrap silver buyers are welcome! Also, if anyone here is interested in good hallmarked scrap silver, let me know. Thank you in advance, Rob
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