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  1. Congrats @Jamesd pal love the got to love the ASE nice one
  2. Thanks @Leonmarshfor the neve coasters even the wife doesn't mind them they are just about quirky enough to be allowed in the house 🤪
  3. Does anyone have a link to this "basket of goods " that is used that would be interesting to see what sort of things are in it
  4. I must be missing something is this a rare penny is it worth getting this high sea level graded ? If so ill have to have a look through my old pennies to see if I've got one got quite a few of old pennies
  5. Yeah bitcoin has gone crazy right now but its super volatile so could drop any time its so unpredictable maybe it is a sign then of the hyperinflation or just because big money players are going more into crypto because of the threat of the big reset by the imf and the worry of a cashless society becoming a reality either way we are in for interesting times ahead to say the least
  6. I've not been holding that long so there are way more experienced stickers than myself on the forum bit my point of view is if silver and gold ever sky rocket like the gurus say then we are all in big trouble as hyperinflation will mean we can't even afford a loaf of bread because the fiat currency will be absolutely worthless and the way they are printing money like toilet paper its already starting to have an affect on the worth of the dollar and the pound so why do we do this to ourselves well thats another question for another thred I think. All the markets are manipulated for the greater
  7. The bull bar is sweet pal real nice simple design 👌
  8. Do you know or have any idea of the reason
  9. I like them you can tell they are hand made and thats what I personally like ,if they are still around after the Christmas break I'll be looking to buy one from you but right now its a bit close and running my own small business its just the worse time of year for me keep persevering you can only get better through practice pal good luck with the sale but not too much because I want one come January
  10. That florin has got a great design 👌 not seen that before
  11. Its part of a set festival of Britain 1951 its a crown and an ingot the Crown has been graded at some point and the entire set is very nice I will have to display it somewhere now I'm sure the missus will like that 😀
  12. Just received these as my Christmas competition prize off @terakris and was kept as a surprise for me and wow what a nice surprise thank you very much for your generosity
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