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  1. Cpm selling half gram James bond coins for £45 no a great deal nearly double the price per g but maybe worth it as its a popular subject not sure if I'm going for some yet ill decide tomorrow
  2. I find them pretty cheap to get hold of not tried selling much yet though maybe I'll have a go and see how the market is with a small amount first eh
  3. Always good to have a few of them just so your stack is varied eh but you can't beat a nice bar eh
  4. Yeah your right there they do take up some room but we can always afford to be buying bigger shiny silver so these allow you to buy close to spot if not below in some cases
  5. I've got a few hundred grams and I find them great to look at as you can actually hold them without worrying about damaging them I just see them as a fractional silver not sure how easy they would be to shift though I might put some on here today as an experiment but they usually sell for around half of spot per gram as they are 50% silver but if they are nice ones you can get more like the rocking horse crown that definitely fetches a premium with it the same with the gothic Victoria too
  6. Hi sold now sorry Payment pending
  7. Reduced again if any one wants to make an offer dont be shy 😆 this is a nice piece in the hand nice weight to it
  8. Hi ill take a couple Brits please 23.50 any dates i like surprises 😆 pm me we can sort it out eh cheers
  9. Item: 1978 Tower of London 900 year anniversary silver proof stamp and stamp set number 26 Box/COA: Yes, both box and COA + outer sleeve Condition notes: fully boxed in original packaging even down to the cardboard box it came in (not my address) all stamps present little bit of toning on the bottom corners and some slight finger prints on the obverse (not mine like that when purchased)other wise in great condition weighs 73g of .925 silver and I could only find one on ebay but it didn't have all stamps and paperwork so this is priced accordingly but open to offers thanks for looking
  10. Is it a ufo on the face im ure I've got one somewhere ill have to dig it out and have a look
  11. Yeah we will keep him busy eh especially if he keeps turning out great product like these
  12. Just got these beauties from @StBeesSilver super happy with them all the little mallet is custom made for me great guy to deal with not only does he supply great products but feel like ive got a new friend thanks mate love them just trying to decide what you can make for me next
  13. You could try an auction on here see how they go and it would build up a bit of community rep for you too
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