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  1. Arrived from @RiverbankSilverthese lovely stackers the attention to detail is great love them
  2. There are quite a few Facebook groups with private sellers nad you can still find 1oz rounds for less there are more above £30 though but they should start dropping abit soon if spot doesn't rise
  3. You can still buy 1oz rounds for less than £30 just have to look as for the negative comments im not sure what you mean by that I feelbits a very positive e thing to be doing aswell as allowing us to save our fiat for that rainy day it also gives us something beautiful to look at
  4. Thanks to @GoldElliottfor the latest editions to my growing vintage bar collection and @StBeesSilverwith his new hallmarks to lift his bars even more this guys off to space with his amazing designs don't hesitate to get at least one of @StBeesSilverbars your life will be better for it 👌 🙏
  5. Thanks @RiverbankSilver for the latest additions love the little ratty and the tree of life bar thanks pal
  6. I forgot to add this photo of a few silver hearts I've had made for my stone heart sculptures especially made for valentines day all sold before they were even made pm me if you'd like to order one of the next batch little bit of tidying up to do then ship in the morning
  7. Just received these awesome pieces of silver from @StBeesSilverthe aliens are great these are definitely getting pride of place in the box of poured silver and Rios Precious Metals both off Instagram great sellers and artists thanks guys much appreciated three blanks for me to play with and try to creat something totally unique watch this space
  8. Thanks @Jamesdfor these nice old bars love the character they have cheers pal
  9. Hi I've currently got a listing for ten phillies wondering if you'd like to do a deal on the AGE
  10. Congrats @Jamesd pal love the got to love the ASE nice one
  11. Thanks @Leonmarshfor the neve coasters even the wife doesn't mind them they are just about quirky enough to be allowed in the house 🤪
  12. Does anyone have a link to this "basket of goods " that is used that would be interesting to see what sort of things are in it
  13. I must be missing something is this a rare penny is it worth getting this high sea level graded ? If so ill have to have a look through my old pennies to see if I've got one got quite a few of old pennies
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