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  1. Sorry pal I've only got the pure bar and decided to keep that 👍 I should have closed the post though
  2. Arrived from @RiverbankSilverthese lovely stackers the attention to detail is great love them
  3. Hi i get these from America and pay import taxes for them you can buy them on ebay but you will find that they are quite expensive and you only usually get 1 or 2 gram bars with them i am ordering more next week so I will be able to offer empty cards at something soon but I've found offering full cards to be the best way to sell them if your interested send me a pm pal
  4. There are quite a few Facebook groups with private sellers nad you can still find 1oz rounds for less there are more above £30 though but they should start dropping abit soon if spot doesn't rise
  5. You can still buy 1oz rounds for less than £30 just have to look as for the negative comments im not sure what you mean by that I feelbits a very positive e thing to be doing aswell as allowing us to save our fiat for that rainy day it also gives us something beautiful to look at
  6. 2 more full element cards available these really are a great way of storing gram bars
  7. 3 lots of American constitutional silver perfect to start you American silver coin collection, each lot contains1 Mercury dime, 1 quarter ,1 kennedy64 and 1 peace dollar all lots are 90% silver all in circulated condition The lots are numbered 1) 2) 3) If you are interested in any lot please comment with the number you are interested in thanks All lots are the same price and roughly the same condition the following is how I have priced them £20 peace dollars £9 half dollars £4 quarters £2.50 Mercury dimes So total for each lot is £35
  8. These are great I have one already can't stop playing with it
  9. Item:3x 100 gram bars of silver 1St Pure bar 100g poured bar really beautiful bar this is 2nd refurbished and toned fully hallmarked bar hand textured by myself 100g 3rd refurbished and toned fully hallmarked and hand textured by myself 100g Price: £100for each for the 2 refurbish bars £105for the pure bar Exchange option 1 full sovereign for all 3 bars or equivalent in post at buyers choice and risk Item Location: UK Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer or ppff Dispatch Time: day after sale of item
  10. Item: 24 grams of Valcambi combiBar in element card and single gram bars 2 more available Condition notes: straight out of original packaging and put into the element card blue in color Price: For the full element card £65 including 1st signed For the 5 gram strips £12.50 plus post at buyers choice and risk Item Location: UK Payment Terms: Payment by bank transfer or ppff Dispatch Time: day after sale of item Photos:
  11. Wanted a bullion grade sovereign or similar in weight ,and price to a sovereign got the money ready to go come and get it 😆
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