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  1. I'm thinking of using PMs as a hedge against inflation due to all the money printers going BRR at the moment. I have enough savings that I won't have to sell PMs in an emergency. And long or short term is fine as long as I can either make a profit of some sort or at least not lose anything. And I no longer have FOMO. I got that under control!
  2. Another newbie here to (hopefully!) learn!
  3. I'm thinking of selling my silver when the gold/silver ration hits 50:1 and getting some gold with the money.
  4. Something tells me people won't do that. At least not the kind of people the governments will listen to anyway. Perhaps we need to frame the need for cash differently. "No cash means all donations to your party can be tracked" or something.
  5. Do you think we will be cashless in the future? I can't help but think that this is a likely scenario, especially if nations start using national cryptocurrencies.
  6. I've started stacking again (after selling all I had several years ago when the price was dropping like a stone 😐 ) and I've got less than 50 ounces. Is now the time to buy with the price going up at an alarming rate? Or should I wait to see what happens?
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