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  1. Hello, I'm looking to buy some of the tuvalu marvel series 1 oz coins in the limited edition 1,000 sealed cards. At the moment, I'm looking for: Black Panther Iron Man Captain America Deadpool If you have any of these and willing to sell, please send me a PM with your price.
  2. Hello, I would ship to you, but the $8 shipping is only for within the US. To ship to the UK would have to go Priority mail international flat rate box which is $38, so not sure if this is something you would want to do.
  3. I have for sale a partial tube of 2017 silver eagles (18 coins) and a partial tube of 2011 silver eagles (19 coins). Would prefer to sell the whole tube but I’m willing to sell individual coins. $30 per coin if purchasing the whole tube, or $31 each if buying individual coins. The top coin in the rolls have some light toning but the rest are BU as you can see. $4.20 shipping for the first 3 coins, plus $0.50 for each extra coin. $8 priority shipping for the whole tube or both tubes. paypal FF / GS + 3.5%
  4. I have a rare 2018 Korean Tiger 10 oz silver round for sale. It’s in its original capsule and COA. Asking for $460 shipped with tracking and signature confirmation. Will take paypal friends and family or GS + 3.5%
  5. I have a full and sealed roll of Australian Brumby coins for sale. I will update pictures later on tonight. asking $900 shipped with tracking and signature confirmation via paypal friends and family / GS + 3.5%
  6. I have a rare 2017 Gods of the world coin 3 oz Quetzalcoatl coin. It’s a high relief coin and absolutely stunning. Asking for $500 $450 shipped with tracking insurance and signature confirmation.
  7. Thanks but I want the box that will hold all 12 coins. I have the one or 1 oz coins, but seems like I can't find any for the 1/2 oz coins.
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