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  1. Good morning, 1 coin 2012, 4 coins 2014, total 5 x 1 oz. Coins in very good conditions, only 1 coin 2014 has a small spot on the circumference, see photo. Have a look at the pictures to get the right impression, I'm available for details or more picture. 129 £ plus shipping to be agreed, usually from Italy to European Community private courier is around 18 £. Preferred payment through Paypal. Fabio
  2. scac

    Rwanda Nautical Serie

    I left all the coins in the original sealing, it’s well done and I consider it part of the coin, don’t know if it can be a problem for milk spotting, up to now no.
  3. Good afternoon, serie just completed and I really like these (I already have wildlife), what do you thing about the design ? Fabio
  4. last bump, 2 maple leaf no more available: whole set (10 x 1 oz) for 275 £ shipping included (European Community)
  5. Good evening, this is my first post for sale, so be patient if something is not as it should be, I'm available for any questions. I preferred to create a pdf with description and photos, please let me know if it works. Thank you. Fabio1oz items list.pdf Items: African wildlife elephant 1 coin 2015, price 29 euro New Zealand kiwi, 1 coin 2012, price 54 euro Cook Island 1 Dollar 1 coin 2012, price 29 euro Wiener philharmoniker 1 coin 2012, price 29 euro Fiji taku 1 coin 2011, price 36 euro Maple leaf: 7 coins, one 2012 six 2013, price
  6. Good evening, surfing the web I have found this site: www.egina.com I have written an email as first contact, but no reply. Has anyone ever heard of them (Swiss Dealer with German location) or, even better, traded with them ? Quite intereswting the free shipping, but not fully confident for now. Thank you. Fabio
  7. I like it, Rwanda wildlife serie has been my first serie to collect together with kookaburra
  8. I stumbled across these offers in ebay me too, usually I see them around 8 pounds, well I am not a lawyer, but if they declare that it's a reproduction silver plated maybe they can sell of course no legal currency value for the item In any case I imagine ebay is full of lawyers and they have to give an appropriate response if legal or not for sure the term reproduction must be in the main title, i have seen it in paper money offers
  9. scac

    Shipping costs

    Good morning, to buy&sell coins I always struggle with shipping costs and I would like to have your feeling on what a reasonable price for shipping in Europe could be. I am talking about a shipping of max 1 kg silver each (bars or coins), I am located in Italy and a private courier is around 15 euro, maybe 12 if I have more than one shipping a time, and when you sell 1 oz coin the weight of shipping cost is too high. Going to public postal service you can save a couple of euro, but impact on delivery time could be significant and in my opinion it's not worth. Let me kno
  10. I used to buy kookaburra 1 oz up to 2015 from German well known shops and I have never received a certificate, I think Robb is right too high mintage
  11. scac

    Choice Mint

    Good evening, I have just discovered a very nice serie from Choice Mint: Legends of Asgard. I really like thier high relief products, three coins up to now, Odin Wlkyrie and Ymir. I don't undestand if Choice Mint is still existing and if they are going to keep the serie ongoing. Does anyone have an idea of what happened to this Mint ? Thank you. Fabio
  12. Good evening All, Fabio writing from Italy, I have always liked coins, mainly silver, and I am trying to have deeper approach to collections, thank you for I'll be able to learn here.
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