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  1. Hi, I am looking to trade for or purchase the following: - 2005 Maple Leaf Tulip Privy - 2014 Maple Leaf Double Horse Privy - 2018 Britannia Dog Privy - 2019 Britannia Pig Privy - 2020 Britannia Rat Privy I have some hard to find 1 oz. rounds like the 1 oz. 2010 Geiger Edelmetalle, Perth Bullion Company "Bull/Bear", Australian Bullion Company "The Eureka", and some older Britannias you could consider for trade, if interested. If not, I am also willing to purchase via Paypal Goods and Services, with preference for shipping insurance. Thank you.
  2. For coins, I just use the CCT magnet slide, and also The Fisch Coin Detector. It has different wallets to test almost all the different sovereign gold and silver, and even platinum coins. For the bars, I just use a button-type rare earth magnet. A Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier would be a better option, but it is a bit too expensive for me. As PM prices soar, unfortunately, fakes will also be abound.
  3. Hi, Like you Biig T, I am new to this forum. I see that it is a great source of sound advice and support for the thing that most, if not all here are passionate about, which is precious metals. If I may share my experience when it comes to completing sets, the faster you acquire the earliest issues of the set, the better it would be. As the set is almost about to be completed in terms of release by the Mint, the harder and more pricey it gets for the early released coins of the set, to be acquired. Popular designs in a set would also command more in price than other issued coins within the set. I have been religiously into precious metals for almost a decade, and ventured in it at the worst possible time. Given that, I don't know if any advice or comment I share would actually be helpful. Good luck!
  4. Hello, Just my two cents, I use a DIY UVC light wand. I just expose everything (flips, capsules, slab, tubes, assay cards and all) to the UVC light for a couple of minutes. You have to avoid any direct skin contact with the light and not look at the light directly. Please know the risks of using a UVC light and the steps to take to avoid any potential harm, prior to using it.
  5. Hi everyone! Thank you for being so welcoming! I look forward to interacting with you all, and learn. I hope I could somehow contribute something, as well. I really appreciate all the support. Thanks again.
  6. Hello, Just joined. Been buying PMs for almost a decade now. Started at the worst time though. Looking forward to meet other members. Thank you.
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