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  1. FOR SALE Canadas early years of aviation. 10 x 1 oz Silver Coins Full set of 10, $20 DOLLARS Struck from .925 fine silver, Gold plated portrait. Full set, each coin has its own case and certificate, plus the case for all 10 coins. Plus each coin has the original box. The gold plated section must bring the coin equal or near to .999 quality. These are proof quality very verry nice looking coins, nice coins to hold and look at while waiting for prices to rise.
  2. Hi im kev new to the forum, im picking up some copper coins by the end of the week, i will be selling some when sorted, i think they will look good nxt to my silver. I allso think copper is a good long term investment and im interrested in melting into bars, does anyone know the best way to strip wire.??? Is this the best place to post for selling???
  3. I want to buy some of the Gold Leaf Dollars with Wallet can anyone in US help??? They only sell to US so they told me. Thanks Kev
  4. Hi recrived my bat last week, thankyou, verry nice. Kev.
  5. Hi cani have a 2019 and a 2020 bar please. If no 2019s then 2 2020s Thanks, Kev.
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