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  1. I believe that for the next 5 years, every 6 months or so, coin forums and social media will be plastered with photos of the TB box gradually being filled with coins. Not only will the coins become more desirable, but the RM box included. If you grade and sell the coins individually, I think they might actually become less attractive. Whether planned or by accident, this might become a game changer.
  2. Limited Series vs Infinity Series (Sovereigns, Chinese Pandas, US Eagles, historic coins, etc.). I was lucky (and cheated) when I snagged the 2021 10-coin QB 1/4oz gold, very unexpectedly. Then further luck with the 1oz Gold QB Completer (icing on the QB cake). I’ve signed up for Tudor Beasts 1oz gold series, in a neat RM case, I hope. Beginning to wonder if ‘selected’ Limited Series are a viable investment option. Worse case (with much luck) I’ll be able to hand down a neat completed wooden box filled with beautiful coins to my children. Sovereigns and historic coins (to me) are a deeply personal relationship, never ending but always loved and admired. Thoughts?
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