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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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  • What I am collecting / Investing in
    British sovereigns, UK Royal Mint new releases with investment potential (e.g. Great Engravers, Queen's Beasts, etc.), US$20 pre-1933 gold coins particularly the Liberty Head, selectively collect other global series (e.g. Chinese Mints via Hong Kong, Austrian 'Magic of Gold') and now wish to foray into Ancient Gupta and select Kushan coins.
  • Coin series I have completed
    Very lucky to snag the Queen's Beasts reverse proof set, enrolled in the Tudor Beasts, currently keen on Ancient Gupta and Kushan coins.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    A mixed bag of stuff at the moment. British sovereigns for bullion, with the odd series or new launches as an investment gamble. Starting to believe that ancient historic coins along the silk road and with particular Hindu religious imagery is my personal preference.

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  1. I was exceedingly lucky and managed to snag the £5 Gold. Feeling quite smug 😁 after my dismal Gothic Crown attempt.
  2. Modern Commemorative Coins from Chinese Mints. Arrived just before Christmas. I am diversifying into future potential large markets, like China and India. Can't afford the sought-after ancient / old Chinese coins. Indian ancients are attractive, but it is a closed market, i.e. local laws do not allow anything over 100 years old to leave the country.
  3. I would like to embark on collecting Ancient Gupta and Kushan (selected) gold coins, delivery to a UK address. My personal interest leans towards the depiction of life at the royal court and imagery of gods and goddesses (photo examples included below for illustrative purposes only). I am registered to bid at the Spink auction on Dec 16, but before I potentially hand my cash to an auction house; I was wondering if there are any collectors who would be willing to grant me ownership (however transitory that may be) of their prized acquisitions. Thank you. Ashwin.
  4. Insights into what customers can expect from the Royal Mint in the near future. After listening to the recording, here is my summary and initial impressions. What do you think? People are using less physical coins, more cashless transactions RM’s circulating currency arm, which was the mainstay of their business, is growing smaller (less profitable) RM is growing/exploring opportunities in other areas, e.g. commemorative coins, visitor/tourist attraction, gold recycling from e-waste, precious metals. A new offer scheduled to be launched in Dec 2021. RM is committed at preserving the 'Britishness' of their products, while expanding D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) offers and themes (dinosaurs, movies, storybook characters) which attract kids/young collectors Focus on reducing their carbon footprint, increasing use of renewables, optimizing product packaging Anticipate increase in international ventures / tie-ups For me as a newbie coin collector/investor, this is what I think I can expect from RM. more commemorative coins with varying themes to appeal to a wider customer base. So I have to be more selective in picking potential ‘winners’ eco-packaging will potentially be introduced. Good for the environment, but expect a much simplified 'box' (see example from the Royal Australian Mint) new offers in the RM pipeline, e.g. enhanced collector services, auctions, international collaborations
  5. I believe that for the next 5 years, every 6 months or so, coin forums and social media will be plastered with photos of the TB box gradually being filled with coins. Not only will the coins become more desirable, but the RM box included. If you grade and sell the coins individually, I think they might actually become less attractive. Whether planned or by accident, this might become a game changer.
  6. Limited Series vs Infinity Series (Sovereigns, Chinese Pandas, US Eagles, historic coins, etc.). I was lucky (and cheated) when I snagged the 2021 10-coin QB 1/4oz gold, very unexpectedly. Then further luck with the 1oz Gold QB Completer (icing on the QB cake). I’ve signed up for Tudor Beasts 1oz gold series, in a neat RM case, I hope. Beginning to wonder if ‘selected’ Limited Series are a viable investment option. Worse case (with much luck) I’ll be able to hand down a neat completed wooden box filled with beautiful coins to my children. Sovereigns and historic coins (to me) are a deeply personal relationship, never ending but always loved and admired. Thoughts?
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