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  1. You’re a gentleman for offering. Had a quick look and it seems to be 23mm in diameter. I’m also on the hunt for a single 33mm capsule and 3 capsules to fit the two-ounce QB coins. would be willing to compensate you for your troubles or anyone else that could provide these sizes. Thanks a lot
  2. 5oz Libertad antique and 1/4oz gold. Might be willing to part with the spare 5oz 😉 Can anybody help with a capsule for the gold?
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Ive been a member since the summer which isn’t very long but I’ve completed a number of transactions both buying and selling for which I’m sure the other forum members involved can vouch for me. Perhaps my trader feedback isn’t showing up on the mobile? Having said that, any takers for the coin at £1750 posted?
  4. For Sale: 1 Onza Mexican Gold Libertad 2012. Limited mintage of 3000 coins for the year I believe. Bullion version, in good condition with a couple copper spots which can be seen in the pictures. Photographed both sides with and without capsule but don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures if required. Really hard to price this as they don’t come up very often at all but I’ll go with £1795 £1750 all in posted. Initially only looking to post to U.K. buyers but drop me a message if you’re overseas and we can maybe work something out. Dont be afrai
  5. That would be great, please pm me. Thanks
  6. Looking for the above coins. Willing to pay a fair price. Please message me with anything you guys have. Thank you
  7. Bump. Priced to sell tonight to raise funds for another purchase. Thanks
  8. Last one left. Will do for £285 for this one. Message me for a quick sale tonight. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the offer but if it is the half sovereign you have listed on the trade section unfortunately I’m looking for one in better condition.
  10. Final reduction, will withdraw if not sold at this price. Thank you
  11. Sab122

    for sale Silver mix

    I’ll take the 3 x Kennedy 40% if still available? thank you
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