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  1. You’re a gentleman for offering. Had a quick look and it seems to be 23mm in diameter. I’m also on the hunt for a single 33mm capsule and 3 capsules to fit the two-ounce QB coins. would be willing to compensate you for your troubles or anyone else that could provide these sizes. Thanks a lot
  2. 5oz Libertad antique and 1/4oz gold. Might be willing to part with the spare 5oz 😉 Can anybody help with a capsule for the gold?
  3. Hello, New to the forum but have been keenly reading threads for a little while now. Have been stacking silver, mainly 1 oz and 10 oz denominations but have recently taken a keen interest in pre decimal coins. Any tips as to how you guys get the best value for money with your finds? Have had a good couple finds on eBay auctions but it seems to be mainly sellers asking for unreasonable premiums. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
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