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  1. @dga00 Well.. I did. They're okay, let's say. Facts to have in mind: they don't speak English. Made some orders with them, they are delivered in Romania via Urgent Cargus which is not the best solution. This one time they forgot to mention my phone number, so the package was 'lost'. I had to call the delivery company and tell them to bring me the package, that I am home and give them my contact details. I have received this order heavily damaged because it was not packed well. This happened to one of my friends as well (the entire thing). I wrote them an email to show them the dam
  2. Hi 👋, I just came across lpm.hk. Anyone ordered from them? How's the thing with the VAT as soon as the package arrives in the country? Their prices are quite good compared to others in Europe :D. Cheers!
  3. Hi there 👋. 1. How do you keep your silver coins? In plastic bag with zip-lock, in plastic capsules, in the tubes? 2. Where and how do you store them? I read that plastic (PVC) is not a good friend of silver. Also, that some blankets with carbon and other components would be a good solution to wrap your tubes, capsules, etc. in. 3. How do you clean your silver? (I received some "new" kangaroos with some spots ) Cheeeers!
  4. Have a look here, especially on the 2nd page. Apparently the suisse gold ch is not reliable.
  5. @SilverSte I used revolut until now to pay via bank transfer and it was all fine :). Just took the money from my bank account put them on revolut and pay. I avoided many fees, as the transfers were fee free
  6. I have an account with Interactive Brokers .
  7. Hey there I am also new in TSF (the silver forum), so welcome 🙏! I think as in any new thing you get in either is stocks, gold, real estate and so on is important to understand the 'game'. Do you understand the precious metals market? As for the crypto, it has some things to acknowledge. I got into the crypto hype as well and kind of get burned because i did not totally understand the way of trading, the volatility and the speculation going around there, so.. I feel ya 😆. So going back to your questions.. I personally don't in the position to tell you what to buy or what
  8. Hey there First post in the Buy Sell topic, sooo.. I wanna buy some silver coins (one each & not rounds please) from the years 1994 1996 1970 1968 1988 1987 Any proposals?
  9. Cheers @Dough. I relaxed a bit . Hope this feedback will help others as well.
  10. @xthomasx Woah! Great! Chose them also for the good price/delivery ratio hehe. BUT BUT.. they're so close to you haha, could make a trip there.
  11. I think you should think about what's the inflation rate at the moment of selling & what are the prices of other assets . It's a bit weird to say you'll sell at 50$ per oz if with 50$ you can buy a Sim Card, for example.
  12. @Frenchie Yeah.. you should've got what you asked for. True that . They're advertising the maples as new.. soooo Idk what to believe.. I had a previous experience with coininvest - I ordered a new 1 oz Britannia and I received one with a little scratch on the queen's face. 🤦‍♀️ Added 0 minutes later... @Wouter06 ❤️ thank you! Well.. overall for the silver maples they were cheapest in Europe 😆 shipping included ( to Romania was 25 euros).
  13. @Frenchie hmm.. at least no other scratches or so? This 'no answer' thing bugs me haha.
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