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  1. Ugh... slight haze on the necks of these ladies on my 3G. Not sure if I should send it in for grading. Was so excited to receive it. What do you guys suggest? Is anyone else seeing that dark grey/black haze on the ladies' necks? TIA
  2. I saw that but its nothing really special. I sent an email to both NGC and PCGS 2 days ago, asking if there are any special labels for the 3G collection. I have not heard back. Will post, once I hear back. Also, I always inspect my own coins before sending with a 30x mag to check. If I think its good to go, then I decide if I want to send in or not. Last time, I sent 3 coins, 2 V75 Silvers and one 24K 1/2 oz Gold and all 3 came back perfect 70s.
  3. Debating between NGC and PCGS. Any output is appreciated. Its for me 2 oz Silver 3G. Somehow they never got my 2oz Gold 3G. A little bitter, but not a lot. Also, are there any special labels of either NGC or PCGS you guys aiming for? TIA
  4. I dont understand why the order says completed (which I think means Canceled). I was 198 in the que and ordered literally within 10 seconds... 2 oz gold The payment is till pending, however.
  5. Premy, I had ordred 1 of the 2 oz silvers and then 1 of the 2 oz gold. My gold 2 oz is shown in closed orders just like yours. The 2 oz silver is still in open orders.
  6. How do you know if your order is cancelled? I see an order under OPEN ORDERS and another under CLOSED ORDERS but have email confirmations on both (obviously, subject to availability)
  7. Do we know if they'll be selling any graded ones in this series? Recently they've collaborated with the NGC.
  8. I'm getting excited for these.
  9. And to you too sir. Good luck!. I have to wake up early or go to sleep later since it'll be 1am my time 😕 I'm sure it'll be worth it .
  10. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Now just I hoping I get to score one once it goes live (whenever that is).
  11. Hi all. Do you guys have money already in your account under the add funds tab or is it not a requirement? Just wondering since I have not made any purchases yet. Thanks in advance.
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