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  1. Received these yesterday morning a stunning 2020 full sovereign and a free Britannia using the referral promotion from bullion by post. I've got a referral code to access the offer if anyone needs it pm me. 🙂
  2. Big thank you @silversky coins received this morning. Gave the silver one a dip in liver of sulphur & a shine up, it turned out pretty good. Hope you and everyone else who took part have a fantastic Christmas 🎄
  3. Happy to receive these this morning, thanks @BackyardBullion
  4. ( this has now been sold on Facebook, but for anyone interested in one please pm me) I've recently come into possession of this rare privy pig, I'm looking to sell it for £160 or exchange for gold of equivalent value ideally a 1/10 oz plus postage but am open to offers. I do have a connection who has a very, very, limited amount of these for sale if anyone is interested please pm me if you missed this sale. Please note- the coin is bullion grade so it isn't in pristine condition, the striking of one of the pigs isn't perfect and the coin does have some signs of wear but that's no sur
  5. @TownCalledMalice"The mythical bacon" 😅 that's classic. I got lucky, right place at the right time. I've not decided if I'm going to collect the set may just keep it as a investment or sell it on but l couldn't pass up the opportunity to have one even if just for a very short while.
  6. With pure luck, I managed to get a privy pig 🐖 arrived this morning feels very surreal as I never thought I'd ever own one. I don't think its worth as much as the one on eBay as it is a little beat up but it's still a privy pig.
  7. After a long few weeks of waiting finally got this privy pig 🐖 through the mailbox this morning. it's a little beat up but it's still a privy pig, so I'm happy.
  8. Awesome! Glad it arrived in good time. Merry Christmas to you too. 🎄
  9. Hey, l have the opportunity to buy a dog privy for around £80 is this a good price for one?
  10. He ended up just paying it via bank transfer cost a little extra but it's sorted. Hopefully, it was only a temporary problem and no one will have the same issue using transfer wise.
  11. Hi, perhaps someone could give me some advice. A friend of mine has placed a big order from the European Mint, he managed to send payment to the mint without problem but he is having trouble paying the shipping company? When he tried paying using transferwise he's getting a message saying "we can not currently accept payment to this recipient" l recommended he email the European Mint but wondering if anyone has had this same message appear for them. Thanks
  12. This is such a great idea, I'll put in this 1oz Aztec coin l antiqued 😁 😁
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