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  1. Cool, nice tip for establishing authenticity!
  2. I have neither of those but I'm desperately trying to see it anyway 😂
  3. Update! Sorry for the delay things have been busy recently. These arrived a while back and they're in great shape. Only one has a very minor blemish but that's not a problem for me. Each came in a free coin capsule. 100% happy with Eldorado, would absolutely buy there again in the future. Efficient service and great prices. That brings my modest silver stack to 11oz 😎 It's been a really interesting time because as of typing this spot is £21.52, it was £15.40 when I placed the order a few weeks ago and I paid £20.54 each including delivery.
  4. Just come back to find my 1oz Aztec Calendar round waiting for me in the post 🤩 What a stunning piece, difficult to find but worth it just to have one for the collection. So that's me officially hooked 😎 Will post a pic of the stack once the Krugerrands arrive...
  5. Pleased to hear some more recent feedback on them 👍 Got my first silver in Germany so seems fitting I've come back to it in the same way!
  6. Having come across this seller online and seen some positive reviews on the forum from a few years back, I've just placed an order. Received a shipping confirmation already after ordering last night. 5 Silver Krugerrands which including tracked delivery work out as £20.54 each. What are everyone's thoughts on the price? . Seems really good (likely due to VAT?), certainly compared to the UK. Silver Britannias would only have been about a pound more for the same quantity. Hoping I've made the right choice between the two! Reasoned that as they're both well-recognised I should be going for close
  7. Hi, just a quick post by way of introduction. I'm a small scale collector/stacker, bought a few maples a while back then never got round to expanding the collection. With more time on my hands recently I've renewed my interest. Might not post too much but here to learn a bit and maybe pick up a few more things!
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