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  1. To be fair from its highs yesterday it is plummeting now 😄
  2. In the words of trigger from only fools and horses 'so what you saying?' for the simpleton like me. That when it does get in real bother, silver prices are going to soar like a golden Eagle?
  3. This is just getting absurd. Its increased from $20 to virtually $30 in the space of 3 weeks. The same similar move took months almost 10 years ago.
  4. Looks to be potentially on the move again.
  5. Do you think the election result might crash the metal prices? I mean let's say Daves prediction is right time wise. Could it hit $50 then come back down to earth due to timing, repeating history. My own view is I can see silver hitting somewhere between $65-104. Not even counting if a vaccine gets found sooner rather than later also, that would also shift the price back down quickly imo.
  6. If it gets near ATH in the future I'm predicting a huge sell off at this rate.
  7. @DarkChameleon yeah your right, I do expect a similar thing again. I'm not in a rush. I was in this for the long run and this mess is going to be with us for some time yet. It wouldn't surprise me to see silver touch near 3 figures some time down the line.
  8. I have this strange feeling it's going to shoot it's self in the foot and drop so quickly at some point! I expect it'll peter out then drop, then stabilise for a little while until it makes a move again. Looks like it's being seriously overbought at the moment.
  9. I think a long term bottom in the future could well be around the $20-22 range. I think a lot will depend on the future of the world in general years down the line from now.
  10. .02 off a $ to hitting $28. Be nice for the market to hit a nice support for over the weekend then see what happens next week.
  11. I agree to a degree but there also some people wanting yesterdays priced (say £18-18.50 an Oz spot) when todays prices are (£20-21 an oz spot).
  12. I have .500 and 925 'junk' silver coins I'll likely be wanting to part ways with in the near future. If you know of people who would give me a decent price it would be appreciated!
  13. I agree @Oldun. However the amount of 'friends' who have shoved into my face the amount they earn compared to me, without comprehending that they are personally responsible for investing some of that higher pay for there future when they retire is astounding. They are the same people who will complain about my pension. I made the choice to accept lower wages on the basis I would have a good pension scheme. I'm aware that not everyone has had the luxury of being able to make that choice, it just annoys me when those who had the choice and the money to invest in there future havent bothered. Anyhow better get back on topic!
  14. Was saying to my boss the other day, I wonder how long until the talk about targeting public sector pensions again given the current climate will take, not long as expected! I wouldn't mind but I get paid a LOT less then what a reasonable equivalent in the private sector would, however I'm realistic enough to acknowledge that my pension, leave and sick pay are part of my overall package.
  15. I reckon a pull back close around $25.20ish and then hopefully settle and supports there for another move in the future and to finally breach $26 nicely.
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