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  1. We need some clarity on this thread for all parties involved. This includes @mrrick as the seller, myself who has already bought a few bars and any individuals who may have purchased or are in the process of purchasing. At the moment it's unfair on all involved not to be given the relevant full information.
  2. Hi all, I have 60 of these 1 AV oz Lakota Copper Rounds. Looking for £3 a coin which will include 1st class normal delivery. I will do a discount on multiple rounds of 5+ Would prefer to get a list of people who would like either one or a few, so I can post most out at the same time, rather then having to make multiple trips to the PO!
  3. Hi, I have 500g of 50% pre-decimal Silver based on current spot price of £18.25. £146 for the 500g parcel. Buyer pays choice of postage. Feel free to msg me.
  4. I'll take 15 please. Can you PM me payment details, thanks
  5. So do we think Silver will close the week out on the up or levelled out nicely around the $27-28 mark?
  6. I know k-man originally thought the pull-back would be around that $22-23 range. We will soon find out! I was looking to offload some of mine at £22.50 which was hit but more at the spike, should of sold some at £22. I'm a buyer if I have the funds soon at $25 and $22-23 range mind you.
  7. My original guess was a pullback to around $25.25-25.80 So bang in the range, hopefully it holds steady for rest of this evening then starts making some gains or consolidates.
  8. I think there about to take off again.
  9. To be fair from its highs yesterday it is plummeting now 😄
  10. In the words of trigger from only fools and horses 'so what you saying?' for the simpleton like me. That when it does get in real bother, silver prices are going to soar like a golden Eagle?
  11. This is just getting absurd. Its increased from $20 to virtually $30 in the space of 3 weeks. The same similar move took months almost 10 years ago.
  12. Looks to be potentially on the move again.
  13. Do you think the election result might crash the metal prices? I mean let's say Daves prediction is right time wise. Could it hit $50 then come back down to earth due to timing, repeating history. My own view is I can see silver hitting somewhere between $65-104. Not even counting if a vaccine gets found sooner rather than later also, that would also shift the price back down quickly imo.
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