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  1. Animaru


    Welcome! I'm also pretty new and have found this a great place to gain knowledge and great offers!
  2. Yeah, especially as there is only a limited mintage...
  3. It seems to be up now, but it is basically €50 per coin...
  4. Thankfully, I managed to get one this morning from goldsilver.be! The annoying thing is that I already have an order with them so I have paid shipping twice!
  5. That's brilliant! Unfortunately, there aren't many sellers over here in Europe so I guess everyone went in for it at the same place. Patience is the key I suppose!
  6. Oh I see - thanks for clearing this up for me! I actually found it around 5 hours ago from gs.be and had it in my basket at that price. Clicked checkout and it was out of stock! So close... 😞
  7. Does that mean you have to have at least €500 value stored, or the value of one order has to be at least that? Wish I knew! I haven't been able to find one in stock anywhere else and I'm not sure I want to give my personal details to a company that I don't know much about (LPM). Hopefully, it becomes available somewhere else soon and I can grab at least one!
  8. Hmm, is it better to just store the coins with them and then just get them delivered at once to save on postage? And sounds great!
  9. It's a shame I've missed out for now. Hopefully, I'll get another shot at it... Let me know what you think of the set when you get it!
  10. It does seem like a good deal, but I'm new to PM so I don't know if it actually is! Really wanted that 2020 silver Zeus - looks so good!
  11. I can't find this anywhere! I just had it in my basket on goldsilver.be. Clicked checkout and it had changed to out of stock! Anyone else know where I can get my hand on one in Europe?
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