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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm thinking that maybe I should diversify and go into gold a little bit then?
  2. Hi all! I only started stacking/ collecting last year, but I was mostly purchasing from Europe for the lack of VAT. I completely stopped at the start of this year, and I have just come back in the hope that things would settle down a little. However, things seem even worse now! Basically, I was wondering whether there is some economical way to buy silver anymore? I was also wondering whether VAT is already applied on websites like ebay, as these costs seem very extreme as well? I'm genuinely considering just switching to gold, but is obviously much more expensive to get into. Many thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. Last bump before I risk a purchase on ebay or elsewhere!
  4. I'm happy to take any number if this hasn't already been sent!
  5. Welcome to the forum! I really love the look of some of these coins too and it is partially what drew me into collecting/ stacking them. All the best and enjoy your day!
  6. Hi all! I know this may be a bit of a long shot, but I thought I would see whether anyone has one of these for sale. I am interested in the BU, and possibly the antiqued version (if there is one?) if the price is right. Feel free to PM me if you have one for sale and let me know what price you are looking for. Many thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy your day!
  7. Hi! Can I please go on the list for this and get the same number as last year? Thanks in advance!
  8. I actually put a wanted post out for this coin on this forum and he offered me the coin. He never once mentioned that there was any milking and I noticed it immediately once I received it. After contacting him, he seems to be suggesting that I have overreacted and that this is normal for these coins. Now, I understand that the queen's beasts coins have a history of milking, but I would have expected to have at least been told about this prior to purchase. If I had known, I wouldn't have made the purchase. Effectively, he has told me to just clean it with an eraser. Would this be likely to significantly affect the value of the coin? Are there any other effective options (is the silver dip/ silver polish useful)? Also, do you care about the rims of the coins. He seems to have suggested that they don't matter? I'm not sure whether what he is saying is normal and most people on the forum work within these unspoken guides or whether he is trying to take advantage of someone who doesn't know better. Apologies for all the questions - I'm still fairly new at this. But thanks for all the help so far everyone - it really is appreciated!
  9. It doesn't seem like I'm getting my money back. I'm being told that this is to be expected from these coins and that I'm "overthinking" it. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone - it is appreciated!
  11. I have noticed this as well actually! Seems to be a bit of a problem for the series...
  12. How did you go about cleaning them?
  13. I have recently purchased a couple of 2 oz silver coins from the Queen's Beasts series from other users. One arrived yesterday and another arrived today. I noticed that the one that arrived today seemed to be smeared slightly to the left and right of the queen's head. It also has a lot of white along the rim of the coin. Having seen this, I thought I'd best check the one I received yesterday as well. Although not as bad, it still seemed to have a couple of small spots (above '2oz' and between 'silver' and '999.9') and the edge was also fairly white. I'm still fairly new with silver, and thought "is this milk spotting?" and "what can I do?" I was hoping someone could help with a few questions I have: Is this to be expected or should I ask for my money back? Is this to be expected from the Queen's Beasts coins? Is it possible to clean this or would that be a bad idea for the numismatic value of the coin? Does gold get these spots or similar issues? Thanks in advance!
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