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  1. Hi welcome to the the silver forum enjoy!
  2. Welcome to TheSilverForum enjoy
  3. I've seen this scam in different industries as well. Insurance particularly where they say they can claim 60% of your premium back and they take a 20% cut and then the money will show up in your account they pay themselves and the money will then be released back to the issuer and your left to pay the outstanding amount of which was put into your account. Absolute rotten people in this world.
  4. I was looking into this earlier and a member mentioned that they are friends of the auctioneer and they bid up for them to try and get the item up in price. I believe this is exactly what happened in your case as well, it sucks but I doubt eBay will be able to do anything as they can't prove it 100%
  5. No I am in the same boat as you I don't want to depend on anyone for my retirement other than myself the pension pot will be empty by the time I retire.
  6. Great I'll take a look thanks for the help
  7. I'll have a look into that are they still doing the cash LISA? I heard Martin Lewis mentioning that there was a deadline of a few months back?
  8. I'll note them all down on my list of reads and I'll have a look into it. How much would you recommend putting into a stocks and shares ISA? I'm currently saving for a house deposit where would you put money for that?
  9. Thanks for that I'll definitely take a look always looking out for good reads!
  10. Thanks for your reply, a lot of the replies in that thread are relying on single stocks which I’m not too keen on
  11. I work on myself every day but I’m thinking in terms of personal finance thanks for your reply
  12. Hello TheSilverForum, What is everyone’s favourite means of investing long term? I would like to start investing into index funds around 15% of my take home pay but not sure if that’s a good idea to do due to the current climate? All replies are much appreciated. Kind Regards, TheMagpie
  13. Great stuff need more people like you in the world let us all know the findings!
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