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  1. Selling 10 x Gold Sovereigns (1 x 2010 / 4 x 2020 / 5 x 2021) . Acquired from Chards / Atkinsons and all in perfect condition, looking to sell for GBP/BTC, figured I'd try here before going down the Chards/Atkinsons route, I think £3,220(currently ₿0.08633929) for the lot is fair. a Thanks
  2. Hi all, Did one of the main UK Bullion dealers announce that you could trade Bitcoin for gold recently, say in the last 4ish months? I vaguley recall seeing an email about it somwhere but I can't seem to find it and I'm thinking of selling some a couple ounces of soverigns for Bitcoin, I've looked at Chards/Atkinsons and can't find any info so thought I would ask around. Thanks
  3. Brilliant thanks, for the links. Yep UK and CGT. I’ve seen a few posts on here actually a while ago. When the times comes I’ll go premium and have a good look around. Cheers.
  4. Currently internally debating if it’s worth realising Bitcoin gains before April 6th, and ploughing it into gold. In fact, can anyone recommend anywhere online where one could trade BTC for Gold?
  5. Same, but twice!? So weird how that happens!! 🤣
  6. Hey stackers/collectors, Hope you’re all well, I’m new to gold and my aim is just to stack sovereigns and to resist as much as possible all the pretty, shiny, beautiful looking designs that are out there, but I just had a question about the dates marked on sovereigns. I have a few 2020s and a few 2010s sovereigns and I was wondering if the date of minting makes any difference to a sovereigns value? And lastly, what gives a sovereign “uncirculated” status? I would have thought all sovereigns (after 1970s ish) are considered “uncirculated” seeing as we don’t use them as a form of payment? Looking forward to being educated!
  7. I found Bitcoin in '18, it helped me to learn and understand money, it made the function of money absolutely fascinating to me (I'm a bit of a tech nerd), so after building a sats-stack I decided to look into gold just this month and that's how I found the SilverForum, I just want to say it's thanks to you guys I placed my first ever order just this week for a material (gold) that I thought I'd only ever see in movies and would be forever beyond my reach. The gf will love the fact that I won't have to talk her ears off all day now that I've found this place! Hi.
  8. Hi SilverForum community, I've been directed to this space from Reddit after stating that I'm brand new to gold and would ideally like to make my first purchase, my research thus far has been to discover premiums on spot when purchasing / selling and looking through the Royal Mint website to understand tax/CGT exemptions, I view the Royal Mint as the Coinbase of the Bitcoin world so although it's quick, secure and convenient, it also appears to be the most expensive way to buy. In addition to the above research, I've been watching various YouTube videos but it's really hard to find informative content in relation to the where to buy at good premiums and what some of the common pitfalls are, my greatest fear is getting scammed. My goal is to stack 1/4 oz coins (sovereign for the CGT) in a dollar-cost-average method, I'm sure I'll learn a lot on the way but I wanted to reach out to this community for any advice for the start of this journey. EDIT: Just wanted to come back and say a massive thank you to you all that has provided great information below, I think I may be about to order my first ever gold sovereign and it's fair to say that you've made the process a lot less daunting.
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