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  1. Marmite

    Melt or Sell?

    Could cast it into a 9 ounce solid silver B_tt Pl_g for the mrs lol.
  2. Marmite

    Melt or Sell?

    275g sterling silver trophy. Birmingham 1915. Do I melt it as I do cast Or do I sell it. Thoughts please
  3. Set of 6 Reb of Cuba 10 pesos boxed with certificate. 20g 999 each coin. £140 including sd. PPFF BT or Crypto.
  4. Looking for 999 silver to melt. My crucible is hungry.
  5. Can I spot a bit of milking on the top single coin in your photos or is it my eyes giving in with age?
  6. 1oz Canadian 999 coin gilded with 24ct gold. Limited globally to only 500. This ones 42. Priced at £80 to include sd. Slight tear in outer sleeve as picture. Except PPFF BT or Bitcoin.
  7. Weights as pictures on certificate. Beautiful pours. 999fs. Would like to sell as a pair for £190 including SD Bt PPFF or BC.
  8. Complete set of 9 coins for sale. £435 plus post 15 sets available consider exchanging for gold
  9. Looking to buy 2x 2018 half sovereigns
  10. Hi ill swap your 2 oz bull for a greyhound?
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