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  1. Hi ill swap your 2 oz bull for a greyhound?
  2. I had a thought about your 17 kids. Along with the blanket for your granny I’ll send you a little pack of three. ( if I can get them back in the foil wrapper). Should stop the increase and hopefully put you off even trying for more. Hope the coin hasn’t got teeth marks in.
  3. Can’t see your granny suffer. I’ll take it. I’ll try find an old blanket in my shed as well.
  4. I’m looking for a complete set of 12 lunar year coins from the same year Not fussed which year.
  5. I hope there not Excremints. Makes your breath smell like Sh_ t.
  6. Surprise prize for the daftest answer!! Would the surprise be a jar of 354 mints????
  7. Legal tender. Not planning on collecting them all lol. Just interested
  8. Hi all I'm new to silver coins. I just wondered if anyone has any idea Roughly how many different 1 oz silver 999 Coins there are out there. Is it in the 100’s or thousands? Is there a book anyone could recommend for a new collector?
  9. I’d like a couple but not got the 2019 so waiting list please. Any numbers.
  10. Hi. I’ve been buying the odd gold sovereign for stacking after my father died and realised the benefits of gold coins. (Ctg) and managed to get the odd nice one at a reasonable price. Looking forward to learning a little more about them. What an interesting subject they are. Hope to learn more on here from you guys.
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