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  1. Like others have said max out your LISA each year first. And as for the rest I'd just stick it in a Cash ISA/Savings account and not worry about it. The stock market is at all time highs at the moment and if there is a crash would you be able to ride out the storm and put off buying a home for aslong as it takes to get your money back? I'd suggest gold if your the type to keep dipping into your savings, away to put a barrier inbetween you and your cash. But you'v managed to save 15k so you seem to be doing fine as is.
  2. Wakey

    Gold bullion

    I think most manufacturers of any product charge a premium for ordering direct. If they undercut their retailers why would they stock their product to begin with, no one would buy them and they'd just go direct. It's a similair reason why Xbox or Playstation charge you more for a digital copy of a game than one that has to be pressed onto a DVD, have a cover printed, a case made and shipped half way around the world, because they want their product on the high street where you can see them.
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