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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Silver and gold 1/4 ounce or Sovereign certain years
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    US and Canadian coins

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  1. Just finished watching your video, nice to have a mentor to emulate or be an inspiration. Sounded like you were so chuffed that he wanted one of yours. MrZeke's watch collection on instagram is sweet too. Guess a few folks are multi item collectors. I inherited my coins and also inherited some old watches, small clutch of both items. I'm looking to pass what I can to my kids, keep it in the family for as long as it goes. A bit of gold and silver, hopefully they won't get in the situation where they need to sell them. Won't matter it will be theirs to do with how they want. Hoping my sovereign arrives tomorrow, always get excited waiting for a delivery.
  2. I've seen a Youtube video where a stacker had his silver coins in capsules then stored in a tube without taking them out of the capsules. I can't find them on line in Europe. Might only be available in US. Not sure if this any help, but thought I'd mention it.
  3. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    Funny, a Catholic workmate asked me if i was a Catholic, when I mentioned I had a lot of kids. Not seven but close enough.
  4. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    To be honest I'm considering separating the coins and giving them to my kids, part of their inheritance. No i didn't buy the ebay bracelet. I own the bottom pic, my inheritance.
  5. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    Top one is from Ebay, someone in New Jersey looking just under $2000, Chinese jewellery, I've a $2.5 coin ring I gave to my son.
  6. If they're any still available I'd be interested in 1 or 2
  7. For comparisons My Grandparents passed this on to me, it pings like real, Surprised no chop marks.
  8. Cscratchy

    Probably Fake

    The wording on the slabs got me thinking fakes initially, not to mention the price. You would have thought someone would have googled them for authenticity at least, Perhaps they did and chanced an arm to see who they could get on the hook. I'm not in to slabbed coins since I can't afford the premium. At least it was a good laugh.
  9. Cscratchy

    Probably Fake

    What do you think fake or real, someone selling them as a house clearance for £55 posted. The old adage too good to be true.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm actually from across the big pond, with family still there. I bought, online, my first batch of coins (10 Maple Leafs) last month. i am getting the fever now and looking for my next purchase in the next week or two.
  11. Not 100% if I'm stacking or collecting. Inherited a number of coins from my grandfather, took to the inter-web to find out more about the coins and discovered the stacking community. Not a lot of funds and a fair number of kids. I'm hoping to pass on my clutch of coins and some more if possible, to my kids and the forum looked to be a good place to be in the UK. I understand the premiums are ridiculous so hoping to find a work around on the forum as well as learn about the community. Cheers
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