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    Silver and gold 1/4 ounce or Sovereign certain years
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  1. Numismatics like toned coins, especially circulated ones, they say it adds more value to it. Great i've some well circulated silver Morgans and Peace dollars, that I'm going to put in my pockets. Franklin and Walking Liberty 50 cent coins are so small in comparison. Haven't figured out the best British equivalents yet either.
  2. How much can I get for a half pea sized silver amalgam filing that came out of my molar? It's got some weight. Just kidding!
  3. Just saying i think it's a bit of OTT or OSD to be wearing gloves with ciruclated coins especially if they have patina and toning. I don't wear gloves but i don't miss handle them to the point they are dinged and I do put them in capsules when I can. US quarters and lower no sense to capsulate them, I have some half dollars that are and some aren't. Think its more of personal preference. I prefer to buy untainted coins too, so fair enough.
  4. If you are reselling them on to dealers do they care, if you have handled them with or without gloves, does it matter for circulated coins? Bullion doesn't hold numismatic value why bother if you are going to handle them by the rims? I plan on passing my coins on to my kids to fight over when I'm gone, I don't want to pass them on dinged, but i do want them to enjoy them
  5. Seen a fair number of Youtube videos and I always find it strange, why a number of them where cotton gloves to handle bullion silver coins or more often circulated constitutional US coins. I've seen folk do the same with bullion gold too. Correct me if i'm mistaken, but I don't see the point, bullion is bullion not suppose to have numismatic value.Just an observation of mine that's had me in a quandary. Are these folk being posers or overly cautious or both? Thinks that make you say hmmm!
  6. Aesthetically, I like the 2018 border looks closer to the British Trade Dollar to me. 2019 looks closer to an attempt of a more Chinese border chain link like. "eye of the beholder" scenario.
  7. Finally got them encapsulated. pair of 1894 Gold Eagles
  8. My Newfie 50 cents worth.From my US grandfather's silver coin stash.
  9. Just finished watching your video, nice to have a mentor to emulate or be an inspiration. Sounded like you were so chuffed that he wanted one of yours. MrZeke's watch collection on instagram is sweet too. Guess a few folks are multi item collectors. I inherited my coins and also inherited some old watches, small clutch of both items. I'm looking to pass what I can to my kids, keep it in the family for as long as it goes. A bit of gold and silver, hopefully they won't get in the situation where they need to sell them. Won't matter it will be theirs to do with how they want. Hop
  10. I've seen a Youtube video where a stacker had his silver coins in capsules then stored in a tube without taking them out of the capsules. I can't find them on line in Europe. Might only be available in US. Not sure if this any help, but thought I'd mention it.
  11. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    Funny, a Catholic workmate asked me if i was a Catholic, when I mentioned I had a lot of kids. Not seven but close enough.
  12. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    To be honest I'm considering separating the coins and giving them to my kids, part of their inheritance. No i didn't buy the ebay bracelet. I own the bottom pic, my inheritance.
  13. Cscratchy

    Would you?

    Top one is from Ebay, someone in New Jersey looking just under $2000, Chinese jewellery, I've a $2.5 coin ring I gave to my son.
  14. If they're any still available I'd be interested in 1 or 2
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