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  1. Worth also noting, coininvest don't put any reference to PMs on the delivery note to whats inside the package. Mine have had references to computer marketing paraphenalia so its unlikely anyone will bother to tamper with it
  2. Ive had two ups orders from coininvest and no problems with either. Both came very well packaged. I wasn't home for either delivery so they drop it to the local ups pick up point, where you're required to sign and show ID to collect it. Ive also recently had a handful of other ups delivery in the past forntight and again, no issues whatsoever. Good luck
  3. I'm no expert and relatively new to this but as I undestand it - Yep sovereign is not pure gold bullion like a britannia. Sovereign is mixed with a small amount of other metal. So if you want to base it on pure gold content go for the britannia. I've been reading up and it seems sovereigns, especially older ones (like the young victoria head for example) are more sought after and more liquid as a result. There's also the collector aspect in that your son might get more fired up about tracking down a certain year of sovereign or face. Whereas the britannia's are same same. I just bought a
  4. Try this link one of the forum members created http://goldprice.eu5.net/# its all the best sites to purchase and most competitive I've personally used this forum to buy as some great deals. Also used coininvest.com for larger gold purchases, they've been great for me but i'm in spain. V low secure & insured postage costs too. You can kiss goodbye to Pm's once you're in the horse world. Good luck with that
  5. We've just done the same for our child. Invested it all in gold coins (they're CGT free). Of course there's no way to know if it'll lose value in future or increase but i'd rather take the chance than leave in a bank account in the event of a financial reset, which seems increasingly likely. This way there's something physical they will know is theirs for 20-30 years ahead and also stops us using it for anything else tempting... such a holidays.
  6. Welcome, its a good place for likeminded collectors/stackers!
  7. Espana123


    There's jewellers and pawn shops here in spain who wont need any ID. However, it's a bit harder sourcing gold coins here at the moment. Even if you do end up buying with ID - where's the proof you kept them? There's a thousand things you might have done with those coins and if it came to a confiscation point in the future - we're all doomed anyway and would've probably used the coins long before to buy our way out of situations....
  8. 100% another way to control us/everything. I'd better get buying some more before they do the same world over.
  9. Beautiful coin. I'd grab one and now I'm considering it too!
  10. Hi, Looking to buy a 1927 Sovereign if anyone happens to have one? Located in Spain and happy to pay higher cost for overseas delivery. Thanks
  11. Thanks for this - this is likely the way we'll go forward. It makes the most sense for our situation. Chards storage is also a good plan for the interim. Will look into this. Cheers
  12. Thanks for all of your advice, it's been really helpful
  13. Thanks Tony, good to know there's a reliable option here in Spain. Can't say i'd trust many of my local coin dealers where I live on the coast...
  14. Thanks for the info Silence, you've hit the nail on the head with the valid point about which coins to go for, dependant on where we will live longer term. That is a big issue for us and why we originally thought the Philharmonic would suit best. We have lived world over for the last 15 years. Next year we head to Asia, then after we'll most likely be in Aus or NZ for some time. We've decided to start with British coins sticking to Britannia, Queens Beasts (for the novelty factor of encouraging us to collect the set as an incentive) and a few Sovereigns. However, i'm aware we would probably al
  15. I just purchased this yesterday from coin invest, they had limited stock
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