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  1. Logged in on 4 devices, all different browsers (safari, chrome, bing, explorer) at 9.15am. 3 of the browsers queud me in the 2000s and 3000s and the other browser i was 120th in queue. Its totally random as to who gets placed where regardless of browser as ive seen someone said chrome placed them high but chrome was tge one that placed me 120th. I secured a 2oz and 5oz . Very happy Good luck to all
  2. Sometimes it depends on the carrier. I know with fedex you will most likely get the bill a week to some months later. Hopefully you got lucky and they somehow slipped through
  3. I like the idea of this series and that german site has a good range of coins. Handy for me
  4. Look on the una bar thread from a couple of weeks ago, there was a polish site selling them that I recall someone posting.
  5. If you don't mind to pay the hefty customs duty/tax, it's available via Royal Mint or LPM (HK) they'll both ship to Italy.
  6. Thanks i had no idea its still legal tender, i agree its a nice looking coin though. Would be even nicer if it was gold!
  7. Hi, I'm relatively new to stacking/collecting and recently came across a box of old bits my grandfather had passed on to me. Amongst them was this coin - back in the day it was more 'golden' than it is now and I assume was a fake 'gold' version. It had always been kept in a case but somehow in my loft its ended up loose in a box and clearly has tarnished to reveal it's truer colour. I don't have the proper scales to weigh it. Kitchen scales say 27g so i'm assuming its a silver crown? 38mm across Anyone able to verify Cheers
  8. Im tempted to order a gold 1 oz bar on Lpm even if resulting vat etc will bump the price significantly. Its clear the coins have gone up in value, does anyone think the bars will do the same?
  9. Cheers. i'll get the coloured set then. It might be the way to kick start my kid into a future love of stacking!
  10. Funny, I literally just looked at these and considered ordering and came on here to do a search. I don't stack silver but my child is into dinosaurs and thought it'd be nice to buy. Can anyone tell me the difference between colour and standard silver? Does colour deteriorate quicker if not stored correctly?
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