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  1. Perfect thanks! I'll give Amazon a go. Cheers
  2. Hi all, I bought these beauties from Sarnia silver recently and would like to get some capsules for them. Pretty sure they are 40mm in diameter and are deep, as 2oz. But would like some good quality ones. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. So "the rules being the same for a year" would make you think it should'nt be an issue for them to sell and send coins to the UK? Wondering if its just them or all German dealers are doing the same. I know post Brexit it will be different, but now business as usual, no?!
  4. Hi all, I went through this thread and compared the coin and shipping prices between all of them. It was a fun afternoon... Annoyingly, two of the best (cheapest) won't deliver to the UK. I think the member that originally mentioned them is based in Belgium, which they are happy to ship to. https://edelmetalle.granvalora.de/ - Cheap ASE's. Contacted customer service, who were helpful. But no UK deliveries?!?! https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/ - About the cheapest ASE, Maples and Philharmonic. Site says UK is good, registtration say no. Contacted them and the response
  5. Thanks guys, it's been a great help already!
  6. Thanks, I'll take a look into TransferWise. Still looking for good deals..!
  7. Hi all, Well the title is the plan at least. I blame Youtube and its algorithms for teasing me into Silver coins. To be clear, currently i have none. But that will change shortly. I've been collecting and then selling 50p coins for a while. With the small profits i make from that, i'm planning on stepping into buying and fliping (some) of the silver coins i buy. Guess i've learnt alot in the process of "doing" 50p's and guess its kind of the same process... Anyway, go easy on me! Thanks for all the advise so far..
  8. Thanks for this advice. I'm new and trying to figure out the best way to get the cheapest silver. This one comment, just made my overly complicated excel spreadsheet look lots better! I don't have revolut. But have a Halifax Clarity Creditcard, they have zero loading on foriegn spending and use the bank exchange rate in currency, so i'm guessing should be the same thing...
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