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Entry to 10,000+ member prize draws ended. (10 oz custom BYB bar 1/1 + custom 1oz BYB round 1/1) DRAWS to be drawn soon........
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  1. Thanks g33x0r. I will split it up if I don't get a full-set taker today. I will get some photos up today also...I hope.
  2. Hi Allan. Welcome. I'm fairly new here too. Have found this to be a great forum with helpful and courteous members.
  3. Hi. I'd prefer to sell as a group, but would be willing to split it up if no one wants the set. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting items for sale. I'm looking to sell $93.50 of junk silver for 14.5 times face plus shipping. Here's what I have: 30 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars - SOLD17 Barber Half Dollars - SOLD80 pre-1965 Washington Quarters - SOLD500 pre-1965 Roosevelt Dimes, willing to sell in lots of 100: Lot 1 - SOLD Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 - SOLD Lot 5 Most of the coins are in nice condition. Please see photos below - I am happy to send additional photos via PM. Thanks. PS - thanks to everyone for their guidance during my first transactions!
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  6. Hello everyone. I’m fairly new to PM. My father in law was a quiet stacker for 70 years, which we only discovered recently, just prior to his passing, when he revealed his secret hobby. I was asked to organize and maintain the collection after his passing, so I turned to YT videos for a crash course in stacking and just recently came across a reference to this forum in one of the videos. Looking forward to becoming an active participant! Thanks.
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