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  1. I agree, stick to Sovs Britannia etc, although proofs etc are nice, never forget it's just Gold
  2. I think that portrait of the Queen is awful, Not into the colour at all, but this isn't too bad. Still wouldn't add it to the stack
  3. I buy off the mint for I'm feared of getting fakes off other dealers to be honest
  4. BrendanMcN

    Help a Newbie!

    As someone new to gold buying (3 months) , and although I like my Britannia perfect, sovs to me are just bullion for storing wealth. Is there any particular reason not to buy sovs in less than perfect conditions? Thanks
  5. just got this bad boy in the mail, well happy with this 😃
  6. Aye, but my ability to store a pile of stuff is limited so it's easier for me to stick to the 1 oz gold lol
  7. I'd stick to the full oz personally, i like the feel of a lump of gold in my hand, and i can appreciate the effort that went in to it with the bigger coin
  8. Is it just me or is the selection of bullion poor on the RM site of late? Dunno if its laziness to restock it or a lack of stock, but dealers have coins from the mint that never actually goes on their site?
  9. Not gonna be hoarding vast quantities. Mainly sovereigns and Britannia coins, only concentrating on British money, so probably couldnt justify the price of the machine
  10. In these uncertain times id buy 2 new Sovereign and a bottle or two of whisky with the change lol
  11. BrendanMcN

    Help a Newbie!

    Always hold your own Resources, if the world goes tits up you the these vaults are going to hand out the Gold?
  12. Looking for an empty tube for sovereigns, trying to gather some of those up Only looking to pay a couple quid plus normal post so dont be getting all excited with prices lol
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