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  1. The effort and expense it would take to track down all the gold holders in the UK would be exponentially more than the value of the gold. As for all of that spying junk- you can collect something but think of how long it would take to process it all, if you've worked in brokerage, accountancy etc think of how long it takes you to get through a spreadsheet of raw data, and that isn't even going to be, say, a quarter of a gig at most. The 10k is for AML as stated earlier and I think it might also be related to funding terrorism? Basically smurfing funds over the same as laundering. That infographic, although fancy has some....provenance items, I mean one of the sources is wikipedia, it has a picture of Margaret Thatcher when describing a Labour govt, and the site is a mining site, e.g. someone who has a vested interest in people buying gold. I saw 77 Bde pop up earlier too- think of all of laws and warrant applications alone to execute one op, let alone a nationwide search, fix and seize 😂😂 I appreciate that everyone has their own things that float their boat, but I cannot see this happening- for starters identifying how much pre-decimal and 'foreign' gold is in teh UK would be a nearly impossible task.
  2. Starting to finish seeding the stack (or) collection, some full sovs on back order currently outstanding. Made my first forum trade with @ST1986 to pick up a 2002 proof half sov shield back (coin and paraphernalia in incredible condition) Went in on the 2019 Batavia and 2020 Vergulde Draeck shipwrecks from silvertrader.uk also picking up 10 more of the 2020 ladies from silvertrader.uk too Apologies for the Vergulde bad quality, it was being a real pig to get a decent shot of on my phone!
  3. +1 to this, I hadn't expected to be ID'd on a recent purchase of 5 sovs but was asked to provide 2 forms of ID. Do dealers have a KYC requirement the same as brokers?
  4. Beautiful! I'm thinking I should of gone for 2020s now instead of mixed years!
  5. That is an absolutely incredible piece, I'm afraid we'll all have to forgive my ignorance- I presume this is a rare piece and I wouldn't be able to just pick one up on t'internet?
  6. 🎶All the single ladies🎶 10x 2020 Orientals to get a stack started! Great service from silvertrader.uk website
  7. Hello All, I've been lurking around the forums for a couple of weeks and liked what I saw, especially some of the completed trades vs some of the dealer and RM prices...! I'm a fan of coins but have never gone full on, the amount of searching to finish my olympics 50p collection and the price of lost opportunity (was at the games and thought, 'I'll just trade for those later' - HUGE mistake!) dented my enthusiasm a little. Having said that I'm interested in knowing my way around a coin and what to look for- I gather that the Marsh book on sovereigns is the authority, are there any more general books to start learning more about coins and bullion? I'm interested in starting a stack too, I'd been hesitant, but looking at the comings and going in the world and the price of gold, and potentially silver, it seems like it might be a good time to get some skin in the game! Recently picked up a silver eagle and silver britannia just to get an idea of the shape and weight in hand that an ounce would be before mixing it up. On that note I searched for the RM's 'digital gold service' but didn't turn up much, has anyone had longer term experience with the service? Kind regards, GR *edited for fat fingers
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