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  1. Purely down to available funds for stacking so it's 1/4 and 1/10 for me, but therein lies much of the fun - hunting for a good premium when fractionals are going for way over spot with so many dealers; gradually planning the next purchase; slowly building the stack etc. Good to know that a fractional will always command some form of premium when sold on, so this acts as a bit of a hedge if I have to sell at an unadvantageous time for the spot gold price. That being said, would love to hold a tasty 1oz piece in my hand! 😂
  2. Thanks for the welcomes folks 👍
  3. Hi there, Just introducing myself as a new member on TSR where I've been 'lurking' for the last few weeks. Lots of great information and fascinating reading so only felt right that I join up properly. I've just started as a gold stacker and bought my first piece of gold the other week, a 1/4oz Krugerrand which I got for an ok premium from a dealer. My wife is a bit sceptical of my new interest but I've enjoyed the research leading into starting out and it has kept me distracted during lockdown! Hope to keep purchasing a few more 1/4 Krugers in the coming months before branching out
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