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    My interest is in rare metals, particularly the precious metals osmium, ruthenium, and rhenium. I also collect (or have collected) silver and the rare metals indium and gallium.
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    Osmium, ruthenium, and rhenium bullion, plus indium and gallium

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  1. Arc-melted osmium beads, each weighing between about 4.3 and 5.9 grams. Beads have a small pit, an artifact of arc melting. $35/g for the first 10 grams, $30/g thereafter. About 80 grams are available. Free shipping within the continental US.
  2. These items have sold. I should have more in a month or so, but the price will be higher.
  3. I have several, all slightly (a few grams) over 454 grams. I buy rhenium in powder or pellet form from reputable suppliers, and have it melted under vacuum into ingots by a company in California.
  4. Asking $1800. Will consider trading for silver or gold. because of its extremely high melting point, fused ingots of pure rhenium are difficult to fabricate and therefore uncommon, especially in ingots of the size offered here. You will be amazed at the weight of these ingots the first time you lift one. Rhenium has a specific gravity of 20.5, compared to 19.3 for gold. Rhenium, atomic number 75, shares many properties with the canonical platinum group metals, and sits just to the left of them on the periodic table. Rhenium is rarer than gold, hard, nearly twice as dense as lead, and che
  5. Arc melted 4-6 gram osmium beads displaying the characteristic blue color of osmium metal. Asking 36 USD/gram, or the equivalent in trade. Osmium has an atomic number of 77, and lies below iron and ruthenium in the periodic table, in the platinum group of noble metals. There is general agreement that osmium is the rarest stable element in the earth's crust, considerably rarer than gold and platinum. It is one of only four elements with a melting temperature above 3000°C-- higher than the boiling temperature of iron. It is the densest of all naturally occurring elements, with a specific gr
  6. Asking $33 USD/gram for 4-8 gram beads Ruthenium is among the rarest metals on earth, and also one of the loveliest. Fused ruthenium—ruthenium that has solidified from a molten state—is a rich silver white metal with subtle multicolored highlights. In order to prevent oxidation at high temperature ruthenium typically is melted under vacuum or in an atmosphere of inert gas. We recently discovered that molten ruthenium, if exposed to a small amount of air as it solidifies, develops a beautiful patina, with colors ranging from gold through bronze and magenta to purple, often in the sam
  7. Asking $950 for a 1 troy ounce osmium ingot and $750 for a 1 troy ounce ruthenium ingot. These metals usually are traded as sponge (powder), which for all platinum group metals is a drab dark gray.. In their fused state, however, both metals are gem-like and visually stunning. Osmium ingots show the unique blue color of that metal, particularly in indirect sunlight. Ruthenium is perhaps the most beautiful of the platinum group metals. its ingots are brilliant silver and have a complex luster with hints of pink, green, and gold, depending on the light source. Photos: Top: osmium; bottom: ruth
  8. I'm late to this party, but I have a related problem/question: FedEx will insure precious metals only at a rate of $1000 per package. Are there any 3rd party insurers who will sell me, as an individual and not a business, additional coverage for a single shipment? Specifically, I want to insure a FedEx PM shipment from the US to Canada for $3000. UPS Capital offers single-shipment insurance but only for business to business shipments.
  9. I apologize if this has been discussed before. I can't imagine that it hasn't been, but I can't find it. Does anyone here have experience shipping precious metals from the US to Canada? Canadian postal regulations prohibit shipping "unmanufactured precious metals." Do ingots count as "manufactured?" I can't believe that precious metals are not sent all the time from the US to Canada, but when I look into the regulations it seems to be a tricky business.
  10. Osmium is the strangest and rarest of the platinum group metals, and if you look it up online you’ll find a lot of information. Unfortunately much of this information is false. This is partly due to one company (which I won’t name) that is attempting to corner the osmium market, and convince the world that only its osmium (which it is selling for about $48,000/oz) is safe to handle. Below is a list of facts about osmium that have been obscured by intentional or unintentional misinformation: 1.Osmium tetroxide (OsO4) is toxic. Exactly how toxic is uncertain as there have been very few case
  11. The amount of money it would take to get equipment to an asteroid (or to any other destination in interplanetary space), much less mine and process the target element, is so high that interplanetary mining almost certainly will never happen. Right now it costs about $100,000 to put 1lb of payload into low earth orbit (1lb of payload plus 19 lbs of propellant). That is about as cheap as it can get. Mining the moon or an asteroid-- even an asteroid of solid gold--would be vastly more expensive
  12. I can sell you arc-melted 1toz round ingots of ruthenium and osmium for $750 and $950, respectively. The curved surfaces of ingots made by melting show a play of light and subtle colors that you don't get with dead flat surfaces such as those on sintered cubes. Ruthenium (see pic) in particular is has a beautiful, almost pearlescent, quality.
  13. Ruthenium is bright silver. It looks a lot like its cousin, platinum. But if heated to red heat and allowed to cool in air it develops a pretty gold/bronze oxide on its surface. That may be what was done on this coin.
  14. The cheapest way to do this is to get on Alibaba and search for the best price you can find on ruthenium powder. If you buy 100 grams or more you can get it for close to spot, which right now is about $350/toz ($11.25/g). Once you get the powder you need to find someone or a company with a vacuum arc furnace with a water-cooled copper crucible to melt it into an ingot.Expect to pay $50-100 for that. Shipping will add another $100 or so, including shipping from China (China has the only reliable supply of the stuff). So the total cost for an ounce of ruthenium will be about $550, and more like
  15. Some metal companies will buy back metals they have sold to you if you have kept them in the original, unopened container. If you actually want to see and handle your metal you're out of luck, and even if you could see it a pile of dark gray powder isn't very sexy.. But it can work. In 1980 I went through the periodic table, a price chart, and a list of average crustal metal concentrations, in order to identify the most undervalued elements relative to abundance, and found a half dozen. A few of these were dangerously reactive (e.g. cesium). The rest were noble metals: ruthenium, osmium, irid
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