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  1. Thanks guys for your comments. I revised my technique and also used two sovs at the same time (slightly apart to avoid trapped air bubbles) and had an SG of 17.55. So I'm happy again.
  2. I've bought two 2020 sovereigns from different well known UK sources the weights are correct at between 7.99 to 8 grams. The diameters measure satisfactorily at 22mm. The thicknesses around the edges vary slightly between 1.63 and 1.75mm on both coins depending at which position taken. The thickness using a point micrometer in way of the flat surfaces (avoiding the queens head and the horse and dragon) are 1.09mm. The thing that is puzzling me is when I do specific gravity check, both are showing at 16.6. What I read online I should have a higher SG. Is anybody else finding this on the 2020 s
  3. The zeros in the year 2001 do not look vertical to the axis of the coin, almost appear to be in Italic
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