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  1. Anyone notice the spot is struggling to move in any direction today?!
  2. Could be that last month the world was in the worst of a global pandemic?
  3. Maxford

    Annual offers?

    Haha trouble is the deal of £339 they had on the website has now been taken down so I’d have to phone up and I think that’s when they’d twig
  4. Maxford

    Annual offers?

    Yes. I got ambushed with all of the sales calls and emails etc and my response to the sales chap that emailed me was ” so you mind if I ask; why do you limit it to one bullion coin per Customer/household per year”? his response” simply put bullion coins are a loss leader for us” Yes we actually make a loss on bullion coins We specialise in proof collectible coins. The bullion are just acquisition products for us. They get the phones ringing but unless you’re looking to making some jewellery we never recommend them. No not at all..a proof coin is worth whatever a collector is prepared to pay for it. That’s why the 2017 proof sovereign which was £600 we now sell for £1499….that’s nothing to do with the price of gold that’s down to demand, its rarity and collectability Another example..a rare Edward the 8th sovereign recently sold for £1 000 000…..its bullion value was same as what you see in the paper One more example….a bullion sovereign in 2012 was about £320..today its £339 (up £19 in 8 years) A 2012 proof sovereign which would’ve been about £550 we now sell for close on £1800….yet again down to demand, rarity and collectability You have to understand proof coins aren’t held by the same restrictions as bullion…their future value doesn’t rely on purely on the gold market/price of gold. That’s the beauty of proof pieces Kind Regards
  5. Maxford

    Annual offers?

    Hi guys, where is the best place to look now for the annual offer? I’ve figured out that certain places do an offer once a year or twice a year like H&B but unfortunately they’ve limited theirs to one per household. many thanks in dvance.
  6. Maxford

    CPM coins

    Yes I’ve just found it much much cheaper somewhere else
  7. Maxford

    CPM coins

    Ignore this half asleep!
  8. Maxford

    CPM coins

    Hi Guys has anyone dealt with the above and are they safe to deal with?
  10. Mike where is there the best deal at the moment?
  11. Ah but it’s only 0.5 grams
  12. That link goes to an advertised price of £39?!
  13. The flyer or the cheap sov?
  14. Not me sorry I’ve only got a 1910 Edward v11 & a Victorian jubilee 1889 that I’m looking to maybe let go
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