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  1. Hi all, I've been wondering which one will be the better deal. 1989 Tudor Rose Proof double PF69 for 1200 vs 2018 Piedfort Proof for 800ish? The 1989 is a lovely coin but omg the price. What do you think of them both?Hopefully I will gain some knowledge from you.
  2. Thank you everyone. I took your advice and returned the coin. There is a lot to read and learn for sure. On its place I got 2 full sovereigns 1968 and 1909, and a half sovereign 1914. All with a little premium over the current price of the gold per gram. Is there a "hot" coin at the moment that you would like to get your hands on? Gold or silver...?
  3. Hi all, I am new to the forum and to the numismatics. Today i made my first purchase of a half sovereign 2007 Queen Elizabeth II. It will be great if you share your opinion if i have made a mistake with buying it. The box is sealed apparently and the cost with shipping was £308 which i believe is a bit much. So the next thing is i don't know if i shall unbox it or just keep it as it is. After all i do want to enjoy the coin as well.
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