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  1. US Junk silver is supposed to be low premium. That’s not low premium. It’s a healthy amount above spot. Also, that’s kind of a weird way to sell Junk silver. You usually go by multiples of face value, not claimed weight that is presumably based upon the weight at release from the mint, not current weight.
  2. Gah! I liked the price more when spot didn’t jump back up over $25.
  3. Have you all seen this new collection through Scottsdale? https://www.scottsdalemint.com/coinsforcongo/ the antique silver version is a real nice coin. I don’t generally like high premium silver but I’m tempted for this one.
  4. Update on that order. I sorted through the coin rolls and discovered that one of the quarters was a 1965 cupronickel clad quarter. I notified SD Bullion, who promptly sent me a shiny 1964 silver quarter.
  5. I was planning on doing an unboxing but i haven’t had the time. Instead, I took a couple of pictures. Four 1 ozt Christmas themed bars for the kids. I also bought them tiny treasure chests to put them in that can Easily fit in the safes when they aren’t being enjoyed. I bought those from BGASC for Black Friday. the $25 in US junk silver and 1ozt round I bought from SD Bullion’s early Black Friday sale.
  6. It’s not a bad idea to do unboxing videos for security purposes. I’ve never had a problem with an order, but that doesn’t mean I will never have an issue.
  7. @HelpingHands that is a great stack (horribly shakey video). That guy had more on each table than I expect to amass.
  8. unboxing videos and full stack videos always make me want to buy more or different stuff. Most of my stack is US junk silver purchased from estate auctions. It’s less showy than gorgeous bars or fancier bullion.
  9. Hey everyone, I’ve been enjoying the awesome full stack picture thread and some of the unboxing videos. I was thinking of doing a few such videos with silver purchases going forward. That got me thinking, do you all check that stuff out too or am I just a crazy person for enjoying the silver purchases of others?
  10. It’s not going to impact the value of the silver. It may impact your ability to sell it privately for a premium above spot. It wouldn’t bother me.
  11. I’m writing off the US mint products. Too much effort for a buy and sell.
  12. Predicting markets is not something people can easily do. It could go up or down in the short term.
  13. I got banned because the captcha page lagged out and I hit refresh.
  14. It’s confirmed at $83 https://catalog.usmint.gov/end-of-world-war-ii-75th-anniversary-american-eagle-silver-proof-coin-20XF.html?cgid=silver-dollars#start=1
  15. Sigma Metalytics machines are a pretty good way to test. They’re just expensive
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